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In in so i don't really need to go over the receiving because there's not a whole lot going on there nine yards total in the air for wayne state zula after we talked about being very efficient he's not been efficient does far only two for seven now one area that were not mentioning is you would think the because the present the time of possession would favor tippin with all those yards but wayne state actually leads the time of possession by almost a minute so what that's really telling ya is when states getting minimal gains on plays whether keeping the chains movements lightly tiffin's is getting chunks of yards when they can and they're just having so much more success running the football and passing the ball i it's it's something wayne states gotta find a way to change because if they don't there's going to be staring at itunes to record going into fair state josh one of those i i guess numbers anomalies if you will taylor mccarty the find looking freshman has five points from one hundred and sixty six yards that's twice as many punting urges the offense has in the first half and in mccarty hi i gotta say he's he's making those points so awkward that this resulting in one turnover almost a couple other ones as well as are having a hard time in them has averaged only thirty three yards a punt you'd like to see that boosted boo up there to closer to forty yards upon because that's that you're playing the fuel position game a when you're down my three scores going in halftime you've got to win the fuel position game because tiffin if if they if wayne state is not get on the board early in the second half they could really just play concert overly and just keep on the ball deep because wednesday's found nothing going off running or passing i can't state enough there's almost been no area in the game or wayne state succeeded it is half time in the dragons are on top by a score of twenty four to senate certainly look for better fortunes in the second half what we can tell you is when we come back a lotta great things going on all around the campus wayne state university in ashley casavant will talk about one of when we come back halftime showdown at tippin with the.

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