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Or use my top keyword david tom twenty like best about this job i like to see the look on people's faces when they see the difference we made and what are we say to people all you have to do his point whatever you're pointing at will disappear and what happens after a disappears we recycler cycles and donate the donate ables so planet earth stays happy and healthy i love planet earth me to it's my favorite planet so the point junk disappears and we do the right things wishing poll 1800gotjunk or visit it 1800gotjunkcom for once upon aga cancer this is the talk now trending report through turning online this afternoon kid rock the singer's confirming that a kid rock for senate 2018 website is live really can't tell if he selling ironic merge or if this is legit but he did tweet about a half hour ago stay tuned i'll have a major announcement in the near future and henry henry david theroux trending this afternoon liberal writer was born on this day two hundred years ago emmys are trending nominees for the sixty nine th annual emmy awards will be announced tomorrow morning and black panther is trending the cast of the upcoming marvel universe movie there on the latest cover entertainment weekly fort their comic con preview addition and that's a churning hereby talk of could you juventus to re bolton those i wish esselin relieved watch the try okay their lives are just lodged what is quite a spiratou donny now you know what we now seen more at mitag while seven one dot com no no no no no no new all all along and so so the non known though paul so so so so go and the route timah go few reform this law reform not long qassam long ooh oh james brady looks so sorry necklace minorities and get the real work helene water zero calories no sugar no artificial sweeteners it's so delicious i've cucumber lemon i love this because it's nice bobbly it's not as carbonated size canadian it's so good it's just so flouted refreshing all right so today's a big day for people think people need to know about today is the internet day of action okay and google facebook amazon twitter abe air being be reddit spotify other big companies have banned the banded together today to protest planned to roll back net neutrality and people have until july seventeen to go on the.

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