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And you don't have to have a bunch of rambo dzhambul in the back hell. Yeah didn't know if people that would want the decked bed would actually listen to the show or go to a website that potentially win a free one hundred percent. Sure if that's a big pickup truck driving person thing to do. But i let you know it has made trucks a lot better around this office or you. Yeah hey it's tough to fit all size. Yeah yes oh actually that was quite a truck and digs is big monster. Oh doesn't much struck he's got fifteen gallon tank or whatever and here's trump the twenty-three really see it was fifteen gallon. Thought it was just a little baby they might be fifteen gals less than yours. No no good. Trump trump was beautiful. I thought it was a little baby. Gal i thought honestly. I think they were saying there was a mickey mouse truck bills. Were saying that about your bills. Got that gray truck tank bills. What's that did toyota yard not afford. That's for sure. Well toyota actually turns out whereas actually devos american made car it that there is mostly enough though well four toughest been but anyways. Aj bench for causing that conversation to the way it did but yeah there's five and a half foot six and a half foot four nine. They have they have different sizes. Are your bed. it was actually a message mistake. They asked me what size my bed was in. They gave me a couple of size. It's big one. Give me that one and it gets here. It is not that large. Actually there is much larger size. That i guess. So we fucked that up your deck dot com sites mcafee. You can win one and we appreciate debt so much. I just signed up joining us. Now is an absolute legend of the man. The last time we chatted with him he said. Hey i'm gonna send you guys some stuff and he did a workout machine. I don't know what the course record is. I might have had it though. I was punching shit out and kicking the shit out of that thing he sent us. Some glows from signed from diamond dust. Emporia bunch of venom stuff. Ufc stuff a couple of bags. We can't thank you enough for your time and your gifts. It is being used properly ladies and gentlemen there presidency of ufc data. We did what's up. Hey what's a high scoring. i was punching the shit punching thing. I was going to town on things beautiful. Yeah it's late. I told you i tend design. So we're still playing with it and trying to make it better but i knew that's fun because you can punch without gloves on. It feels good. Yes so i didn't have gloves on. Everybody's telling me i was supposed to punch a cross or whatever i think anytime you have one of those. There's metal behind their so. I didn't want to happen to do that. But i was unloading on those things in the hands. Were completely fine. So i just want to thank you for all the gifts. You're a very nice man pleasure. Yeah that's one of the things we need fit. You can't throw looks on it yet. We gotta fix the hug. Also i was right. Everybody on the internet was wrong. I fucking thought so. Guests never would have guessed that was the case doing. How's life haven't chatted with you on a bit. What's lifelike over ufc. I know we've got a big fight card coming up. We'll get to it but what's life like for you everything. Good everything's good man. I just I spent the weekend in boston and flew back in yesterday for the contender series and get ready for the fights this weekend. Man everything's good. Hey fuck it. Friday's become one of my favorite things. I like to eat ridiculous shit. Are you cooking that. and why. don't we have ghost. Kitchens yet for door dash on all the fucking fucking friday food that you think. You had a fruity pebble. French toast almost died and then there was a burrito burger. Think that everybody was trying to do that. Has become a great series in their data. You know what's crazy so fuck it. Friday has become so big. I actually got a show on the food network. it's eight episodes. I start filming soon. And it's called fucking friday. When they put a star. Asterix what is it. How are they gonna do that. All they're gonna do it. They're going to have to figure out they wanted to go with stuff. We're going with your friday and Yeah i'm a foodie. I love eating all different. Types of food Trying different stuff so It's fun for me. It's i started out doing it for fun. Look at that burrito. But it's like a crunch supreme. Almost it looks like yeah. Yeah yeah that's what it's off of the contracts print. So that's the fuck it. Friday mattis is a knockoff of all. The other shit mega little the fuck. Friday started with I had a fried chicken sandwich and donuts donuts with finding sandwich and then from there we went to our came out at that time to the taco bell Cheeto perito my guys. Make it here and you know that's how it really got started. What's life like you just have your own chefs now. Hey by the way. Congratulations slapstick from boston. Great work ethic. Boxing goes over to. Ufc figures out a way to buy a company that you see. The future of it goes on become more billions of dollars. Now you've got your own chef fucking knock it off taco bell a awesome. It doesn't suck this fight card coming up. This weekend's a big one. I mean we literally just aren't going through it and obviously everybody knows about volkogonov ski ortega but the entire lineup seems to be sweet. What should we be looking forward to diaz lawler d. as d has getting back in a five round or like his brother had for no championship. They doing three rounds there. It is i router five rounds. You know obviously. I don't you know we're gonna find out. Nick has fought a while but one thing we know about the diaz brothers is. They always come to fight so That should be fun. I obviously valentina. Shevchenko is an absolute savage. Every time she fights. It's unbelievable what i liked about. Lauren murphy has lauren. Murphy's got a bunch of knockouts and submissions and her win so you know for women at that weight to actually knock out other women. It's tough to do and lawrence been on a roll so that should be a fun fight and then alexander volkov versus. Brian ortega is an absolute war. So greg card gardens week how do you go about and i know you're probably in. I don't know if you're in the room where you actually do. The fight matchups and everything like that. You're always having to figure that thing out whenever you see like a guy on nineteen fight win streak or whatever and then you get a chance to put him up against or tag. Is that like there's a light bulb go off. Is it like. Hey this is a win or do you have to get the fighters to agree to a beforehand or do you. Do you schedule the fights. Then you reach out to the fighters how does the whole process behind the scenes work with that whole thing. Yes so. I'm in the war room right now. This is where we make. All the fights is what i spent most of my day and We put together the fights that that that that need to happen. That should happen. And then we reach out to fighters and make the deal for ya ever mean every weekend like this saturday. The absolute best wider in the world in each weight class will face off and fight each other then on tuesday on. You know mike contender series. We find the best unsigned fighters on the planet and we matched them up in each weight..

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