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Two three hour. Maximum so child cannot be on site for two three hours. They can't legally feed your kid and they also can't legally change their diapers so it's a very short solution It's better than what is already out there. So if you know a company has childcare by itself license it's nothing yeah But it doesn't solve the real problem for people that really need to work for you know like the job or regular for a long period of time so To answer your question when you enter and boom there's going to be a separate space for the childcare. Which is the daycare component and then there is the work side which is no kits allow. It's going to be completely soundproof. That's all Josh Bath That's me I even thought about that. Yeah smart because you don't want to hear kids go if you're taking a business caller in the middle of meeting or whatever it is yeah. It's really important for us to not only prioritize kids. I mean that's the first and foremost and my partner Jonas you know. She's an amazing educator so she is creating this crazy curriculum Which is exciting. But for me I'm more so about the parent. Jones responsibility is really exciting into the kids and the programming and the curriculum for me. It's like figuring out what parents need and for me. What I know is that if I could hear my child or if I could if she or Dressy me then you count fully dial into your work. Yeah So true so that separation was very important by still be co located. So it's still the same building. It's still the same room. But it's completely separated with the soundproof walls. So no one can hear each other but there is going to be a space where the kids can have went with parents breakfast with the parents the area so essentially three areas. How many square feet is the first place going to be? The first place is five thousand square feet. Yeah it's great. Yeah and it's right next to Bloomingdale's at century city which were so excited about. Not sure how they are about US coming. Where are you kidding? You're gonNA bring so much business right. What's the minimum you can bring your kid? Therefore is their minimum no so fully or no maximum was so basically for the first location. You had to become a member so we don't want it to be kind of like a drop in go like anyway. His people yeah. Yeah we need to make sure that you know we really vet out the first few because five thousand square feet is not huge So the member the amount of membership that we could actually salads can be very limited So it's important that the people that are using the childcare they're actually full-on members And so let me kind of walk you through. Yes full days so like I say Allie. You have a full day of work but you need to. You want hit the gym before you get into work mode so you take your child because remember drop him off at the the center and then you go right across the street to equinox or fully licensed so you could go off site Come back and get dialed in for three hours. Get some work done. Oh and you're like oh it's twelve o'clock so I want to go see my son now. On how one truth go next door. Get lunch with him. Have a little class with him again and then get back to work mode for. Let's say another three hours and the new like oh I'm hungry or I won't coffee and you step out to go get coffee. Combat check in another class with him. And then let's say it's five. Pm Let's say you WanNa have a little girls might al than we have after care as well So it's open until ten PM. It's great we're Tom does open in the morning. I'M GONNA have to get back to you on that. Yeah it also pretty well defense. Mall rules them all. Yes you can basically stay as long as you want. And but in the minimum of you're like oh. I just need to pop for an hour because I know go need to do. I need to do some shopping. That's fine yeah yeah I mean if you're a member there's no minimum. There's no maximum yet. Such dream Yeah. It's really I mean. Obviously as you know but you know this was something that I can even an idea that I had years ago when my kids were babies because I was like why is there not a place like this and and you know there are. I feel like in other states because I had a friend who is from Texas and there was like more of this like drop in. They were in Super Nice. I mean that's the other thing I feel like. You're checking all these boxes. Because obviously I know you're setting and I know Josh's aesthetic and we know it'll look and feel great which is really want that when you're leaving your kid somewhere or like. I'm sure a lot of people you know we'll have meetings and stuff there. They wanted meet somebody who doesn't have a kid. Yeah but I. You know you're like I need to. I need to be here for three hours. Have this meeting catch up on email and do this and that and have somebody there so to do you know to have something like this. Just simply does not exist. It does end at the level that we you and I would want to right. 'cause there's places where they how bite houses where you could like drop off your kid and like work but for me and I'm sure with you because we're both kind of all about the aesthetic Matters really important to feel. Visually compelled and feel inspired at least by your surroundings. Two thousand percent of your best workout you know. I think that has always been something. That's super important for me. And that's why I spend a lot of time like building. My Office feel inspired because once they do the ideas come things flow. Like I'm able to really get in the zone whereas like if I'm in a corner with kids running around with like plastic toys and I just I count produce my best. I can get stuff done but we want to do beyond that. We want to inspire people to come to be able to train them to be able to really put their best work out there and also the fact that like you know socializing your kid like I believe in all that stuff. I think it's important and I. I did do daycare with my my kids when they were young and it was like a home daycare It's funny there was like Julia Roberts. Kids were there too. It was very random. Very national daycare. Yeah it was just a little house in Venice But when Julia Roberts already going there definitely changed the dynamic of Rossi. You're on a little different but you know that that the woman who ran it like didn't want the parents they're you know she was like drop your kid off and go be no because you know how it is and you have to leave a kid and they getting just and all of that. It's challenging. He it was like they were there all day. You know access or contact with them and you know. I didn't want that I wanted to like talk and see my kids. I mean I just I love this idea for so many reasons and and I think actually you know it's funny because we were not in century city driver is not in century city mall because for us it was like Pino driver. You need to be able to park outside. Run in and run out but I you know as I'm thinking about the more you're talking about it. I'm like man I could like. I have like lunch there and I could go shopping and then I could like get on my laptop and sit there. It's like it's such a great place. Little village it is. It's Great Yeah so smartly and like go to movie yeah doctors there now Forward is there. Yeah that's a great brand. Yeah so I mean I think. That's why a Westfield when So we have Khloe Call Caro on our team who I know chloe love power. Yes yeah that's right. She went to his field. Yeah so shake Louis. Hey chloe view when she came on board you know like a lot of things fall into place and she was like you know we could go to a Westfield could go to these big properties because they would be so excited because we're bringing a different type of traffic to them you know non all traffic of you know. Let's go shopping but it's a consumer that's GonNa come and stay all day. They'RE GONNA have to get lunch. They're GONNA get coffee they're going to have to. They're going to shop around for their kids so the movies whatever it is so there isn't some now salons in there now too. Yeah there's another Sephora. We do really good business. They're so mad is exciting. Yeah so what's been the. You know the I know you just raised a bunch of money. what's been you know. How many years are you how? How long have you guys been out this like working on it so I had this idea for four years but really fully added for the past year and a half and Joan is your partner? You mentioned her. So what are you know the different things that you enjoy and just you two right now? Yeah so we're equal co-founders and for me as I was re friends before Yes verifone's before we actually known each other for thirteen year great. We weren't like best friends. I've always respected her from afar and same with her life. So as I was like developing this business. I realized that I couldn't do it alone. And it some things art. Yeah I knew I needed to find a partner. That was good at the things that I wasn't GonNa and you know how that is always hear your story with Michael. Allow you know what you guys are both good at an just makes total sense. I could really focus on the things that I am really good Which is more of the marketing side and you know just be more creative and for her. She is an operator and for me. That's very I can become an operator but I'm not great at it. Yeah Yeah But she is so great audit she builds nuts and bolts. Yeah yes very much. So she built up. Being Five Thousand Education Company recently. Left that to run this fulltime with me So she was just the perfect partner for us and then we brought in Khloe. She pretty much handles all things like real estate for us. That's amazing yeah. So what's been the biggest thing that's been the biggest challenge for you? So far we're shooting. They'll be a whole another set of challenges when she opened the business. But we're not there yet so well there's been a lot and thankfully because of you and Michael we've kind of. There's been a lot of angels that have been guiding us and I remember when I first called jobs like I have those good idea and you're like I love it you know and I was like yes and then it is nice when you start telling people your idea and then you get like people who opinions matter to you and they think it's a great idea it does give you this boost of like okay. Good we're going the right like yeah. Keep doing this. Yeah and then I remember US calling you guys actually no. We were talking with Mike on so incredible we were in San Francisco for our very for that round. A investor meetings and journey were so excited that we got in the door. With so many amazing people you guys introduced to a few and then a few of our other advisers and introduced us to like some of the biggest investors and We soon realized that we had a lot of work to do. After those set of meeting. And you know we've been fundraising for we were fundraising for all eight months out here. We just couldn't figure out why people aren't giving us money but then literally within the last three months we kind of figured it out. Yeah Yeah where did you figure out? Well we had to tweak the business model quite a bit and make it more agile Also the whole idea of you know we work that happen and so we had to really hone in on kind of the back and You know work you know. We're we're not taking on these big leases like this is not that place a really reflecting that in the business model because I think a lot of these investors they were kind of comparing a we were with childcare and so I think that was like once we tweak that model to reflect that it is not like that then people got it. People fall a lot more comfortable with this so that being one and two. It's so funny it's just when we're fundraising were like. Oh you guys can think about it and we realized that the more time you give some more time to take the more time they take but literally once we found our our lead investor and we had like a hard date when we actually had to close that's when people were responding. Yeah and so. It's almost like a fear boss of you know like you're afraid to tell them you know..

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