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Gloves by and and Brianna and he took too long you wanted to put it down on the ice he hesitated and they just called a a debt and the debt the box on the flight well they had to get hustled over getting down there so to start out this five minutes twenty two seconds and you get two hundred foot players from Maynard and eleven and a face off in the Tigers in fall over on the dot Windsor cap dump it into the corner and will it will grab it a lower court will it lead them out feeding to Brubaker whistles within it runs around to the other side and will it keeps it in at the blue line feeds your side will it at the two Brubaker who gets it back to will it breaker to his office back to group breaking for the one timer knocked away by showing them the corner grant by our I. T. Moretz has it he feeds can solve his neighborhood to Brubaker again his this major penalty in two shots with the bodies information but their lives will pick the right to the side of the building the shooting up into the top corner from sharp angle Caleb it's gets that goal it puts the Tigers up three to eleven fifty left in the third and again still on the power play for another four minutes is all right ninth goal of the season premiere writes a freshman out of Fairbanks Alaska and a big one there gives attackers a three two lead hi Levin forty to go there's still three forty five to go with the man advantage for our I. T. after the faceoff Tigers have the puck in the neutral zone a back up to the wrong house J. hammock who picks it up no remote around he trying to take away the higher than that is going to be cook cook road in rows trip to the park by Cameron Cameron has it in the circle the fees to McKay high in the slot he sends it to Nicholson at the blue line rotate over on the far side now they send it down low they bring it back up high in a bad play there by the Tigers got away from you we all the way out to the neutral zone to everybody touch up yet on side and there's still three oh five to go on the tiger power play now Hammacher comes in one against gore lost the puck could save by Cameron Cameron feeds to the blue line your side will it will it comes in pass across broken a player forced to Penske gets it to manning balconies attached short handed here manning comes in takes a shot against manning a Shorty oh my god at three apiece what a.

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