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This great country the old globe welcome yesterday I was the vice president I'd states where America's pastime be back in the vice president neither confirm nor deny the rumor that is everywhere the July one is opening day and that spring training is going to resume in June but the guy who knows everything inside the beltway is Chuck Todd if I had access to his tax I would know what was going on but I'm gonna ask you point blank check first I hope you're well second do we get baseball bat what do you hear it well it's funny I have a I have a doubt friend in one of the I want to help the team and that's what they're being hold right now June tenth this spring training eventually some form of it in an attempt at a July one open with a tentative plan that if your CD if you plan a city with an outbreak maybe you go to your spring training facility you know they're they're trying to figure that out because you know it's not going to be clear which cities are safe and July and which ones aren't and like that but I'll be honest with you this same friend of mine is also pessimistic that they just can get thirty clubs on the same page I mean that's the problem here is they just they just don't know if they can Pablo back together in that match that you know what you're saying no college football you know you've got some ideas and teams that can play but the real fear is how do you how do you do that the national scheduling a national one it's pretty clear there's going to be some places that are going to be in a different spot right whether it's temporary whatever it is and that you know just that's the problem here is that predict where right are you geographic issue is it going to be with their without fans to the best of your your buys right now without fans yeah I think that's the I think that the liability issue there right now you know the career thing yeah I think I think the Kree experimented making is gonna make leak more comfortable traps yeah I agree and I I think they'll make enough revenue to pay something I don't know what the collective bargaining agreement stipulates that no one ever anticipated this but it seems to me some revenue from from broadcasts is better than no revenue and you realize you know and just the same way every business runs the make look this is going to cost them salary increases not this year but it's going to be next year the year after because all the leagues run out revenue contributes to the tower captain next year you know all those things so other revenues are gonna shrink dramatically and salaries but I come down dramatically in the next few years if the future the people last sports question check out the people who signed long term deals when they had two or three years of free agency they looked pretty smart right now verses those and thinking of Frankie Lynn door in Cleveland he could still do it he's young he has signed a ten year deal so that the check keeps coming right you know it's funny I I was actually being at a friend of mine getting advice on contract employment nothing to do with sports but literally had you know this was going to be the big moment and you know now that it and the debate is do you do a one do you go one year and roll the dice and see if the economic things are different Mrs yeah I guess that's about it ports world but it's an interesting and exports at the make of some of those guys who make the same decision do I just signed a one year deal at a discount right now and see what the environment looks like and hope that I could get a help your multi year deal next year of course before the war right again there are no in in February after a month ago I signed an eight year extension with sales people thought I was nuts and I said you know I'm sixty four years old I just want to do this for eight more years and then I can call you go now you certainly certainly not doubt Chuck let's talk about the biggest deal ever this phase for now I've talked to cotton Portman I got Rubio on today crews Grassley everybody says they have to have liability protection every business in America yours mine everybody needs it but you know the Democrats I have got a lot of money riding on this from the trial bar what do they do well I think I still think this is a I I personally think that all the liabilities being slightly overhyped but I I get that it's if it's something that that sort of there there's there's donors on both sides of the aisle to care a lot about this so what animates this debate more than it should be that set the question is I think everybody agrees there has to be someone from liability on that the question is what do you draw the line right that the debate like a look look at the meat packing guide they forced the defense production act in both right why did they do it they basically panic from liability yep and from their point of view you get why they did it in that moment right we I'm not gonna sit here make a moral judgment in any of this right now right they made a business decision they panic they went all my god without breaks everywhere consolidation turned out to be a nightmare we're in trouble we got to get the you know we've got to be ordered to open so that where if we got to be said that the government forcing us to put lives at risk right so that in that sense that the government with the liability but how do you incentivize the meat packing industry to make sure they're they're having going to have the most safe and secure environment that they can't write without so it's like what what is the shield look like that still forces them to be accountable in their state and I think that the I think that that look if you want I can come up with the answer there wouldn't be a debate right but that to me is what everybody's going to feel good about right which is you're protecting them from indiscriminate lawsuits but you're in your but they have an incentive to keep things clean and safe as possible do I do think there's a path there it's called reckless disregard of best practices I just think it needs to be preempted in the federal courts so we don't have fifty different systems work on this check let me turn to when I started talk right now everything we're doing and sadly the way this way and the way the federal government is designed if everything is fifty one solutions right now and I'm going to regret this at that will not work for tort reform I just want but let me turn to Hong Kong last area Jimmy Lyon is a billionaire the probably the most courageous man in the world been arrested twice she gin paying hates him it comes on the radio show to talk about free speech in Hong Kong anything on time I think China is going to drive this election in a lot of ways what do you think I don't know I mean I think it's the I think the trump campaign has to I think right now they'd be the only path to reelection it deflect blame it that this is China's problem and you can't trust the Democrats to be tough and on track like that it you can sort of see what the president's reelection message or at least if if Pompey over running things that would definitely be I think every election that would put you see a sort of where the rhetoric is going there I think it's where a lot of Senate Republicans are more comfortable like you know Mr president wants to support you when I gonna support your decision making but will support your philosophy in China so it is a way to unite the party to will say I don't know how you trump the pandemic and the economic every city I think China is a part of it I think if it is a big a part if it is the driver of this campaign then that's the path for reelection to trial I'm just not convinced okay I well I I I am leaning that way but I'm also wondering I'm trying to think what does the vice president's campaign vice president Joe Biden do to counter that and thus far I haven't seen any messaging on China Chuck Todd I I don't think I I don't know that they have a bad winter a good one I just don't think they've gotten there yet have you noticed the same absence of the strategy well I think there is this there is this sense that there's look beating up on China it's always good politics in the Midwest Obama did economic turnaround me into that no you're right you're right in twelve and it and it helped Obama Kerry Iowa while the whole you know basically the only doctor and so we know you know he has to have a fairly potent hop on China's stance but I you know the question is do you follow trump down that I'm trying to or do you stick to a domestic economic recovery math class right that could be the alternative with a focus on me I will say that they got a they got a beat they got to be proactive somewhere here and on economic recovery plan I think it's good it is it looks like he needs to be the strongest Democrat on China I really don't know Nolan springs to mind and thinking to Chris Brown I think sure brown Chris Murphy are pretty both Americans we can be back away from the woman on the ticket thank Kenny back away from the woman on the ticket nope I don't know who who is that on top of any circumstance probably well it you know it in some ways it's warm you can make an argument there mean you know the the other thing that because that there's tension with midwestern senators and I'm beginning to close our ears at the SAG deals are important to the midwestern senators in China right so there's there's always that tension a little bit on that front for some of them because the ag community really yeah well at least until recently has been much you know he wanted kind of a market that has all of those midwestern senators regardless of party has been soft on China on some of those issues that's the last thing any stock maybe just one up in a coma charge Chuck Todd Carreon good to talk to my friend followed Chuck Todd C. 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