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WFAN FM, New York Goes. By the name of Ritchie and Richie, is, calling from Brooklyn. And why we're here on the fan what's happening Yeah. Well Ritchie Richie with a little bit of a. Squeaky voice Richie you're. On a bad. We should Richie give us. A, call. Bank okay Richie so. Sorry. About, that Are you there Trying to. Know I okay on a bad line Richie try to give us. A call back we have another thirty five. Minutes to go Charlie is calling, from, the Bronx Charlie you're. On the fan thanks for. Taking the time Good morning Steve Remember Walt Terrell who used to pitch. For the, Mets And I remember this one game where he won the game four to one and. He hit two home runs and driving all four runs The rest of. The time that's good but this is. Weird Jacob degrom Cardi imitate him but he's gonna have. To do that for every game he did he did come up with the. Basis I think just every advertiser hypnosis guy back Errol Gluck maybe he needs to be hired by the tools to get into the subconscious Because it seems to me they're deliberately or subconsciously sabotaging the. Grime like they have an unnatural hatred. Or jealousy of him or something I don't know that. They can't deliver and this wasn't just this year this happened last year too Yeah you're talking. About the subconscious unfortunately nobody Either, one, while I was going to. Say, with He may have to go into the subconscious but the metropolitan fan would never be able, to see it because they're unconscious watching the team Yeah well and I, say that as a Yankee fan Andy Reid as a knee right heater also. Yes well here's Guam the hairs one decision the Callaway made that I agree with one in the game just a few hours ago. He led, to Guam bad in the bottom of the. Sixth inning, with the with the bases loaded and and listen I mean why not degrom. As opposed to the bench but nonetheless he led to Graham stay in the game and they didn't hit for degrom degrom obviously didn't do anything to bases were loaded and I'm glad he. Let him bat and he. Stayed for eight innings and the ER, Ray one from one, sixty eight? To. One, seventy one still major league leading Dan is, calling from Yonkers and Dan you're on the, fan. What's, happening Hey, how you doing schmos house things okay Dan and hope okay with you to. Go ahead just want to put a shout out to a good friend he's a big sports fan jumbo Carol he's not doing well he's in the hospital wonderful fan of the fan and. Big sports guy and stuff. So a good job on your part, and we wish him, well too All right well it's something. I mean what does this. Manny Ramirez. Impersonation here by Gary. Sanchez I mean somebody's got to do something about it I mean it's been hot. Dog in it and slow playing it for several instances already this year I mean And I don't understand because he's, not hitting, you know he's got everyone knows the problems with, the catching but no excuse for not hustling and showing no urgency or energy effort will however word you. Wanna use no excuse. For that and couple, callers say send. Him down, I say at least you have to venture and talk to him whether, it's Cashman whether, it's Boone whether and you saw several Reno in the bottom of the first inning kind of the having words, for them and.

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