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Our second segment Bob Bennett, I did talk a little bit about the the past weekend series against Wisconsin. The split there's some good and bad news out of that besides a win and a loss. But we got two of our injured players back in the lineup. Ryan Norman back daring Roman cope. Both of those are seniors came back for the weekend games. But then Sammy Walker suffering an injury in the Saturday night game. So just an update of what you saw from the two guys coming back and Sammy going out. I thought nor me had a great great to have him back, and he gave us juice and energy when he was back in the lineup. And in grad a great goal force huge Gulf war on on Friday night. And then we got back Quebec in on Saturday. And I thought he was very effective for being five weeks, and it was great to have him back. And then, of course, was Sammy goes down. And I think that right now all indications is he'll be back this week. You know, there's precautionary. Things in but by Wednesday should be good to go. And it's just unfortunate because product could used them in that fourth. Speed score a Sammy's just been we'll lineup. The can't no no team could afford to lose players, but Sammy's just so important to us. And especially when he goes down on a on a Friday night. To the next night where sometimes if you have a week to practice and move things around, and and get people in the right seats and get acclimated, but that's part of sports and that happens, and it was it did have an effect on us. And you know, I I don't know how much of the game that you covered. But I thought it was a. I was questioned too. I I had some negative comments about our win on how we played in very good comments on our loss. But you know, what? And then when you break them down on film. We're exactly out. We were very opportunistic opportunistic Friday night. And got the juice called the big story to me is the building was on fire. Yeah. Unbelievable crowds. What a great student section. We had and Saturday when you came through. It is a it's an adrenaline rush for our players and all of us in the people in the building to to have that back was a great feeling. I'm just we left them hanging Saturday. A lot of people sick. I'm still sexual up. You going to put up with that? This has been a non we there's been like a month and a half. Now, it feels like I've been battling this. But. Our guys on Saturday night. We had some guys that had excellent games. And yet, you know, we turn the puck over on the kind of scrambling goal. They got to go to review, and I still haven't seen the overhead. But I'm sure that it was real unfortunate play we had to very poor back checks but outside of that. I mean, we can't afford to give up four goals at home, especially when we win the special teams battle both night. And we didn't give up go on the penalty kill all weekend. Scored one shorty three power play goals on on on Saturday. I have a hard time with our law Saturday. This year. We shouldn't have been making a couple of those mistakes that we made their kids. It happens. The boy after the game I had to take a deep breath before I want an address the team, and I couldn't I I honestly couldn't be that negative because we had so many guys raise their game that night and in it was the best game. I saw Tommy Novak play in in my time here being back gopher coach. Where you know. He's a Wisconsin kid. I thought he just raised it. I thought ramp Lincoln and gates and they kept getting better all weekend. We're just we're we're great. That was the normal was outstanding. And that was a team trying to build and former identity in kit over I just thought we had far too many guys have superior nights in give us the effort that that that needed more than the three mistakes we made a really 'cause we didn't make any more besides that. And the crowd was into it. And we hit for pipes or something crazy. We you know, we could have gotten four or five pretty easy. But I didn't like we gave up four. Well, looking ahead. Now, we have the Michigan wolverines coming in. And the gophers played them right before the the semester and Christmas break. First game was a two two tie and Minnesota losing in the three on three extra overtime period and in winning four to three. So that was a win and a tie on the road, which is as we all know, very difficult to do. But they it was good to come back and go into the break with that kind of feeling at that time. Well, it was it was definitely that was to me the big. Biggest win of of our young season at that point was that that came Saturday night in Michigan great field to you'll get those every once in a while on the road. When no one else is around is just your team in the locker room. And there's a there's an emotional. You know, we we we felt it at Notre Dame. But that that Saturday game in Michigan was was big for us. And I still think that that feeling still within our team that that a lot of belief in there. But here we sit and we talked about last week sixteen really your are separated by five points in three point league in in. So we sit there twenty four points in Michigan with twenty one. So we one game separates us big weekend. And we're all knocking each other over, and that's that's the good and the bad right now is they'll like Michigan last week wins. Five to one loses five to two. At Penn State, and in that has just the theme right now. And we've got you know, we we are sitting there were three of classes in our last four were back at home. We gotta get right back in the saddle and and and continue to play good hockey. And and continue to keep our as high as we can stay in the standings right now. Because I think our playoffs are wide open. Yes. They are and stay healthy and continued to grow as a team and get ready for the playoffs. Well, you mentioned the three losses in the last four games. But uncharacteristically to is the gophers of given up a lot of goals in that those four games. So that's a four point five, and that that's just not the way this team has been going all year has been very good defensively. And you know, what I did we did we did through the Michigan state series in the garbage cannon, and we didn't dwell on a lot of numbers. But you can't hide in the three wins prior where we'd beaten Penn State Notre Dame. We gave up three goals in three wins one each night. And now we've given up eighteen goals in four games and. That's true. We got it. Now, we have to address that. And we've got to step back your little, you know. So some. We've got to have some we have to have some ground rules set how we're going to compete defensively in protecting the park and and are back. Check industry is reestablished what we'd done because I really think for most of the year we were holding teams around two and giving us a chance and was offense while we're scoring more now, and it also coach is going to tell you this too in hockey that you hit the you hit the the dog days of we were hitting it, and we're just hopefully coming out of it. Now our first full week back in school in. It's a real thing. This isn't a coach's thing trying to make an excuse. Our season is so darn long that in in the the the attention and the effort in the execution and the battle in our league wears on teams. And you all go through it. We all do. I just happened to be hitting us right now. I do believe we're going to pull back out of it. I think this was a good weekend because we did score a lot of goals. Nothing. Feels better for players in scoring goals in the crowd, but our attention to detail and back to being more focused as a team that will put a lot emphasis over the next two weeks. You talk about the before we head to break here. Just one more thought on the attention to detail and. Hitting those dog days with a veteran team like like the gophers have with nine seniors on this quad. Which is third most in the country. Does that help to get through the dog days? Well, we're. So, you know, I just think you go through it in. It's hard to it's hard to explain. But, you know, hey, we all live in the state in you come out. You know, you come out of the building after practice dark, and you know, it's colder. And when we're on break, I'm telling near campus is empty. You're going back to a dorm that's empty empty. You're going back to your apartment and no one's around your apartment for four or five weeks at this goes on. I think he. Movie shining. You of go through a little, you know, that's when it starts to happen. And like all of us in our lives routine is great when you get back to going to class again and in vibrancy around and maybe your girlfriends back on campus, and in we're getting that back, but this I'd be teams go through it. And and for us it affected us in our in our detail. So we'll get back. We'll take one more break and come back with head coach Bob Moscow right after this break from learfield. Gopher.

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