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Followed bounceback team last season dixon's been of a quality coach we've known that for a while but but it is cool to have at least for me like as a media person who's always looking for just different things to happen in a in a given season i always liked that the blue blitz are good don't get me wrong but when we can get uh teams in these major conferences that have had these droughts for a long long time then all of a sudden over their top 25 good that at least at peppers in some difference from year to your college basketball and i'm like and what he sees providing here i think they are on their way to a pretty successful season but i don't know yet if they are truly like a top team or not so we have tim floyd announced his retirement earlier in the week and then on wednesday east carolina announced that jeff libo will not continue as its head coach teeth completed nineteen seasons the vision one head coach never actually made the unseasonably tournament one argument in his favour would be yeah but he had bad job relative to the league's every single time which is a guess accurate but every school that he's coach that has made the nc the bully tournament before and yet he was never able to get there you don't get many guys nineteen years as a division one head coach who never actually make the incidentally tournament so that'll be part of a jeff lee bows resume forever assuming that he doesn't get another division one job and i i guess i'd be surprised if he if he did but but who knows with three hundred fifty something uh those jobs maybe maybe lance one somewhere down the line before we get outta here big game and we touched on earlier in the podcast scheduled for thursday night acc bitten challenges notredame act michigan state two top five teams and so this should be terrific television d just go with the home team here in orlando.

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