Study shows Jewish population in Philadelphia area is growing, more diverse


Researchers surprised at some of the results of a recent study on the Jewish population in Philadelphia and the suburbs a little center primer tells us about the findings which were released today the first thing that jumped out at Stephen Rosenberg with the Jewish federation of greater Philadelphia we found that the community is larger than we had originally thought with over three hundred fifty thousand Jewish people that numbers two thirds higher than the last time the study was done ten years ago something else that caught his eye we found that the community is more diverse than we had anticipated almost ten percent of the population are Jews of color which is of growing subset we have a large interface community bought forty eight percent he says the study isn't just on out of curiosity we have a nine two synagogues in our region we have dozens of Jewish agencies that we allocate grants to over the course of the year and this data will allow us to be even more planned for as we make these allocations and with all of today's technology at their fingertips Rosenberg says they may not wait ten more years to do the study again at the Jewish community services building in center city enter Kramer K. one of your

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