First poster for Wes Anderson's 'The French Dispatch' dispatched ahead of imminent first trailer


I look at the French dispatched. The next move for Sanderson and we're recording on Tuesday. Trey was coming out Wednesday us. We don't have the trailer I imagine we. We know what we can expect a lot of people this movie. He released a poster. It's the most wes anderson poster of all time it's supposed to look like a cover of the New Yorker Magazine Snakes and the New Yorker also had the exclusive rights to release the first images this from the movie Has So many people in the movie. Bill Murray Franson Tilda. Swinton Jeffrey Wright Adrian Brodie Benicio ACL. Del Toro Owen Wilson Timothy Xiaomei Lee said do Liev Schreiber Elizabeth Moss Edward Norton Willem Defoe search around and Kristoff vaults Alz Jason Schwartzman Rupert Friend Henry. Winkler Bob Balabagn. I mean Anjelica Huston. The list goes on and

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