Larry Itliong and the Great Delano Grape Strike

Long Distance


Modesto July it Leon also known as Larry it Leon is born on Tober twenty-fifth fifth nineteen thirteen. He lives with his parents. And brothers and sisters in a small town called son Nicholas in the province of Bunga Sanon in the elitist region of Luzon. That your mum says. Dinner's ready to come in Ryder right. Hey you guys let's eat. Even those parents are poor farmers. Larry has a good childhood and grows up in a loving family. Now the Philippines is a colony of the United States. American teachers run the public schools and teach students to speak English so in Larry tries to speak his language. Look I know I get Goldstar sticker? Thank you MS monarch. The teacher smacks his hand with a ruler. Oh still like a lot of his classmates. Larry Dreams of going to America. Wow America his teachers talk about the United States as the best most modern country in the world players neighbor leaves the Philippines to work in the farms and plantations of Hawaii. Then California like thousands of other young Filipino man. At the time these young men would later be known as the Manos which means uncles or older brothers in Illinois Larry's neighbor rights to him and tells him about the land of opportunity arrived a letter from Mono Raggio. He's the coolest dear. Larry Hope you're doing well in school. Better study hard so you can come to America. You can finish high school and college here really fast from Montana Hello. Ps Did you know you can pick money off the trees and the streets here. Cool America Larry Decides. He wants to be a lawyer. I'M GONNA be an avocado. I'm going to help people even though he's just fifteen. Larry convinces his family to let him go America so you can go to school and become a lawyer he's a scrappy kid. So we save up some money and buys a ticket to board a ship to the United States when when he lands in Seattle Washington in nineteen twenty nine. He surprised by what he finds. I he runs into a depot. Very WELCOME TO AMERICA. Tito so good to see good to see you good to see you may Parikka? Tito asks him for money. What in the work and You know need Renton food money then when he meets other Filipinos in town Larry finds out. Many of them are housecleaners. Servants farmhands or Alice Garros workers in a salmon. Canneries of Alaska. Good to meet another Ila Gano yeah right on. What do you do for work around here to work at a law office? The university down there maybe City Hall Alice Garros We head up to Alaska during cannery season. Then we go up and down California and Washington. Sometimes we even go to places as far away as Montana. You know where that is. As far we harvest fruit and vegetables grapes. Larry learned that many of these. Ls CAROS monks had planned to go to school dislike him but they needed money and because racism and the Great Depression. The only jobs they could find were in service roles or migrant labor. A lot of them dropped out of school or never win at all by the Nineteen Thirties. Filipinos make up about a third of the agricultural workforce in the United States. This is America. Larry finds himself on a train to his first job. At a farm in Montana with a crew of Filipinos. He picks beats under the hot sun during the day in freezing temperatures at night. No rest proper bathroom breaks or clean water. The bunkhouses where they sleep or dirty. It's backbreaking work for very low pay. This becomes the norm as Larry moves from job to job following the crop cycle. This opens his eyes to the harsh truths of living in. America has a Filipino.

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