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Alfonso Ribeiro twists our brains on golf



All right folks are joined by a very special guest. Alfonso Ribeiro Big Time Golf Guy so you just walked into Barcelo. Hq I Kind of impressions walking into Barstool checking on her office. All new. I mean the last time to Barstool it was like a it was literally did not look like this. How about we go there? We just going to be pleasant. It was It was an office been was like just not really new new. Feels like a little bit of a facade like this nice and like state of the art and it's not really us just put snow it it did you listen. Everybody needs to go to work and feel like they're going to a nice place. Okay you know what I mean you can talk about whatever you want. It's gotta you'll nice going to work today. What he's saying is the last place was a dump and couldn't believe that he was brought there and that that he likes plays a lot more? I'M GONNA go with the last part of that. Okay because speaking to work got a couple of things going on a couple of things on funniest video absolutely how you know so like the greatest Family show in American television history. Right like its thirtieth season iconic for the Shell my fifth season as the host. And like what's better than watching people do really dumb stuff stuff hurt themselves but what Asta laugh at them by sending us the video so you get the approval of them to laugh at them and and we get to laugh over and over and over again. And I get to go to work and I actually one of the things that I'll do is so I typically have to do the voice overs for all the videos at that net. Need my voice over. Okay okay but I won't watch any of the ones that I don't have to do voice over on so that when I'm actually at the taping and I enjoy them for the first time you're right at the tapings aping and I'm like this way. It's like it feels less like work right. You go to go and it was like wow didn't see that one and can laugh and have a great time so I actually enjoy the taping and as much as the audience gets to do you ever slip up like Oh shit. It's just a good at that because kids so I've learned how not to allow that slip to come out. I always say I know my audience and when I'm when I'm there I'm pretty good at making sure that because we have some kids in the audience. I've become America's Dad. There have to be very responsible. It's amazing my gallstone hasn't made it onto that show yet. It just put it out with. Just keep sending US videos. We'll get it on you get one with a wedge in its everyone's laugh back actually on on Sunday eh the. At and T. I actually wanted to see whether someone got one of my swings on video. 'cause it absolutely would make it onto my show where where it was on. The fourteenth holds a par-five long par five and I'm trying to like possibly see whether I can get there in two so I'm really really digging into one and my right foot completely slips out onto downswing I'm talking airborne it's completely gone right and I still hit the ball but I was on one leg almost down on the ground and I actually hit the ball. So the two the pros and the group because my pro was Kevin Na right and the other the pro is j b Holmes and both of them were like in they were shell shocked because they were like okay. Are you all right. And I'm like and I'm walking gingerly because I'm like I don't know if I'm alright yet Then they go. How did you make contact right like? How did you literally literally you were falling down and you still hit the ball on an ethnic? I like that things eh but it really was. I said to everybody the gallery. WHO's watching anybody? Get that on tape tape. So you're good player. You're scratch. Is that right well. They had me as a three okay. So so you've played golf in some in some big circles right so you're Alphonso Ribeiro your but at the at and T. Pablo pro-am pro-am it's it's TV it's legitimate PJ toward crowds. What's kind of your nerve level on the first tee? You're on the seventeen. Maybe more conic shot. What's your nerve you know? There's probably only one shot at Pebble Beach that I am fearful of It's the second shot on eight right light. That is the only shot where you're like. Okay I don't have this. This is GonNa talk to me about it and we follow him about it and play the whole Goddamn golf course. You know it's a train wreck where we can't bring one hundred none of us for playing in a couple of weeks for the US Open. He's trying little fairy on a in Richmond right flying on a on the fly right behind the flag as for Mr Berry missed. The net. Green is great work. It was great because and I was on my way to triple digits so of course I'm walk through seven holes. Okay you knew where this round was. Nobody's lying along the best part of that is your only through seven holes right this aide whole and you haven't even gotten to the teeth of the golf course you know. That's the easy part of the grass. You get one two three four or five. You're like Ooh and you're doing like if I par in I can shoot ninety uh-huh and you're not going to say the only confident walk. I had all day was walking up to the Green on eight. I had my shoulders up is in my head was held high and I felt good but the rest of the day absolutely you know we had a twenty five mile. An hour rose wind no going from left to right right into the water. Yeah not good. So it's one of those shots where you're like. Okay where am I aiming. That's far let's into I can play it from the left rough. Can't play that from the Pacific. No right you know I was I was left. What's what's the dichotomy like with if the pros and you've got you know the guys played different? teases it awkward at all. No it's it's I'll say this like they're I'm sure there are groups and I've heard many stories the of playing in groups where because it's too amateurs into prose where guys really are not enjoying playing with those amateurs and there are guys on tour who alike I am not playing the. At and T.. I can't stand it like it's just playing with the amateurs but like this group that we had this year which was my self with with Kevin A- and then it was Michael Pena with a guy named Martin trainer. Right and Michael the opinion I are pretty much the same for even though he was getting seven shots. I was getting three but we when we play at home. We are about the same so when you play with guys. We're actually indecent golfers right. Then it's not bad because he's not like all right. Let's go look for his ball. Not that right. The flow of the game feels like it's just a normal for some going out to play and it's not so bad for them. Because I even sent cavanaugh a text message yesterday kind Hannah saying you know a dude. Thanks for an amazing week. We made the cut. We finished nineteenth right like out of one hundred and fifty six teams. That was awesome. He was in there grinding. Like trying to get the team to to to make the cut and you know it was just a really really enjoyable week and he was like dude. Thank you for being the way you were because you knew when to talk and make it light but you also knew when to leave me alone right. Let me have of my space when I needed it and I'm good at that like I'm the dude in the group who's like we're not talking to him some people don't that'll that I'm not going to be the one to tip it. Everyone feels they look at Jon Rahm by the way sitting at dinner. Just don't go near him. L. People for one degrees. That's his nickname like but you know but that's what I was doing you know. That's but that's what happens when it's guys who know how to play golf right who play golf and been in that circumstance stands. This is my fifth year the. At and T.. I've been up at the American Century Tournament now for maybe fourteen fifteen years I get it like I get how to play golf in front of people. It doesn't affect me right like you asking the question earlier like does it like. Does it affect you. Like going to that I T- I have no nerves. Did it affect you. I the first time I absolutely. Yeah but now it's like maybe maybe after like the fourth or fifth time playing in one of those like bigger tournaments after that I was like I. Nobody cares correct right like we all have this thing in our minds that like. I'm going to go embarrass myself. I'm like no not you know why because I'm so much better than the audience sitting there watching me play golf that they're impressed even if I hit a bad. That shot hit that bad shot right so I'd look at it like oh well they don't care whether I play well or not. I care whether I play well or not. Well well I know that if I'm in the moment and I'm actually all messed up about it but I'm not gonNA play. Well right I gotta get into the same space where I've had some of my best rounds and all of my best rounds of been when I'm like. Yeah whatever you gotTa Find Your Happy Place Right just like you're not caring right. The moment you care is the moment you get tents the moment your tents is the worst Gulf swing right. So I've certainly got myself to where I can just kind of be in the moment I want you know. Pick a target small targets right. No no no. Don't hit over there to the right. No pick a target hit the target. Don't worry about anything else. You're not gonna hit it there anyway. But at least you're gonNA you're GonNa make a good solid swing with the right effort by familiar with the exact opposite approach of that on the TV. You got a couple of groups backed doc. You know and you're standing in for wherever you think that they care a lot about how your shot goes right. You're standing the biggest fair way in the world and you're just like all right there's OB forty yards left. You can't it'll be and meanwhile correct just pick a small targets a giant fairway even a decent drive. You'll have a good approach. NOPE bodies a train wreck. You don't know how does golf club you're thinking. Oh Oh my God I saw. Nobody cares their phone there and watch it right. Well I I became friendly with Justin rose and he has a putting guru right who works with okay and this. This guy gave our whole little group when when we were all together Some information is called C.. Burn right and I was like okay. Okay well it's a putting thing where if you put a ball on the ground and if you move that ball quickly you're going to see what looks like a burn of a ball on the grass right and I was like what is that like why he goes. Your brain doesn't understand no or don't write. It only understands what it saying doing. So don't hit it left. Your brain heard hit it left right so there's no don't yeah it doesn't it doesn't recognize. Don't right it only recognizes do. Yeah so people say. Don't move your head you're moving your head right. What this guy is saying is his see the burn? If you see the burn you didn't move your head. It has to be an active positive. Thought not a negative thought because there's is no way that your brain understands the negative thought. Why do you always hit it in the water when you look at water if you have to hit the ball over the water like all right? Don't hit it into water. You're the water. Your brain doesn't understand. Don't you have to just don't even worry about the water. See the target and hated at your target. So it's a mental exercise absolutely but it but it becomes a physical thing because see the burn. You didn't move your. I can't tell you over

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