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Terrible. Known as flight one zero three flew over Scotland, a bomb planted on board exploded, killing all the passengers and crew the wreckage killed eleven people on the ground in Lockerbie at the time of Lockerbie floor was training to be a neurologist she was a star student and had recently applied to complete her studies at Cambridge University the place where have parents I met one of the things about how business the twenty was murdered chain. And I had to go to care out her room in London. We found a letter from Cambridge University accepting her. This show makes me. Tears when I think about it. My wife has had to me. And I'm sure it's right. She would have been intending to. Pie phone from America. Our Christmas day. Cambridge had except share that. Her we found on her desk. A letter from Cambridge for years relatives struggled to get any truth about what happened angry at the slow progress, JIMBO along with other relatives of victims began investigating the matter. We just covered. The baggage handlers at Heathrow had seen a suitcase matching the one that was found to have contained the bomb already in place at the base of one of the containers for the aircraft for across the Atlantic. Plus the fact that Heathrow airport. Was broken into in the early part of the night of Lockerbie. And the airport very conscious decision. Not to search to find out hurt burger into their side. But still no official verdict came eleven years after the bombing in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine after a joint investigation by the FBI and the United States and Dumfries and Galloway police in Scotland in the UK, Libyan leader kennel Gadhafi handed over to men for trial in the Netherlands and in two thousand and one Libyan intelligence officer Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was jailed for the bombing. Jim Swire was in court for every day of that trial. Now, the beginning of the trial. We both believe the truly Ventura cost guilty as charged. Indeed government had told us that. There was no evidence against any other state except Libya. S the evidence unfolded in court. We could not believe are is because it had such fault in it. That it was obvious that it should never have led to the conviction of either live in on the basis for put the courtroom. Don't forget that the court never even knew but he wrote been broken into. And they had a part of the Niger Lockerbie because that information was withheld by the prosecution which consisted of the crown office and Scotland, of course, a Scottish police Jim was convinced Megrahi was innocent. He believes witnesses may have been compromised, and that logistics were left unexplained, and that the prosecution's only piece of forensic evidence. A fragment from the bomb did not point directly to Libyan intelligence is was claimed in court Germany's wife Jane began a long campaign to clear the Libyan's name to try and get the case reopened. Without wishing to impugn the truth of the verdict against Megrahi. I wonder whether he really did do it using an MS thirteen time. If he did we have to accept that. By share coincidence on a timer set going in Malta. Explosion occurred at the precise moment when it would have occurred had one of the. How? Group bombs being on board. Never claimed. Whether his covenant of Libya was involved just play as the story about him. How the bringing the bomb to Heathrow simply wasn't true all we want is the truth about loved ones were killed on the truth about their lives are protected show many Sheldon warnings beforehand. Jim stance is put him at loggerheads with some of the relatives of the other victims of the bombing who believe that Justice has been served described gyms ongoing campaign as a disgrace. And it's very it's been a very fanfare. First of all these years of the trial of the first appeal that I've always felt that I'm making life harder for those who believe they've got what they call that closure from the findings of that court in two thousand nine there was outrage from many Americans when Megrahi was released by the Scottish government on compassionate grounds due to illness. Jim mcgrath. On several occasions. I met him in Greenwich prison and here port a Christmas card from the chronic prison shop, I shall have it. I have a copy of the car in front of me. Actually, he what he actually wrote on the card was Dr soi and family, please pray for me. And my family the Scottish government and Justice systems have repeatedly dismissed gyms campaign for a retrial thirty years of now passed, but Jim will not give up his search for the truth. And he wants a new investigation into what happened. Flora was extremely intelligent inquisitive girl love to investigate everything that she had. Datings at all with and I hate the idea of her memory thing make shop with what I now know to have been. Composed lies which were not hard was on a tool that in fact, her life or sacrificed by at the very least incompetence very worst, perhaps some collision from across the pond of a kind which I cannot penetrate, of course, a lot of people just call you a conspiracy theorists. What do you think it's a very powerful mantra? Turkish people are shelf hoping conspiracy. Theorist why was shares? Dr simply deny conspiracy theorist but say, okay, you got your hypothesis. You say this man was guilty and was proven guilty in court. Let's set up a fair court in which the evidence can be reviewed again. Now that Renault much more of it and see what conclusion that fair corporate? Come true. These days the Lockerbie bombing and gyms continuing search for Justice mostly receive attention at the time of the anniversary of the tragedy for be different because we can never forget for. Every day impregnated with of. A one off like this happened. Not only the terrorists destroy her life that point but they stole away from home for Welsh all the time. Sure. She would have achieved shipping grouting normal life. And I'm sure she would have emerged as a leading neurologist in our country. I'm sure she would have wanted to settle down at some point have children of her own. Career which would have benefited the nation. And all those family.

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