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There how are you mark undergird odu have you been lovely the air season kicking out for you i am crude enough to get david canada fitness ban this morning what to do in turkey little bit probably won't heated anyway well that's okay you know when you hold the trigger or are toying the beau then their huts overridden it is i'm getting to the aid you know um like is being there more than anything else but that are called out gifted new lifted in this morning got qquick dang the one gathered that called above marlon bush s i've done quite a bit of patient in the northcentral gulf when allowed to go pitch with tokyo and what not that while we recommend anybody go you can do it about any category water fishing area right there in the northcentral gall you can it would or your buddy because you're down i wanted to good reputable carter both companies out of fat brisk over ep call you buddy cowfield i'm sure he could anybody with economic growth but the elderly yellowfin tuna you know white marlin blue marlon while who is the best we water fishing the north america i believe that an it the best inge shore saltwater fishing only cocao the united state they've got it all of always ill ravid fishermen if you don't make that trip at least once in your lifetime you're really short in your cell phone direct at that i could not recommend a destination more for the average fishermen then go to tokyo bush wa place there a cajun vista lodge in barataria louisiana earlier making hook you up i'm sure with one of the finest will warcraft you annual i oh absolutely the only thing is some of those some of those yellowfin tuna after about an hour and a half i'm sorry i did that oh yeah me to you not what whenever i do go there are panama trips when the smaller fissure running lack the forty two thick eastbound yes look out there near that'd be worry 100plus deal the running and you're using stand up fifty wipe attack were usually compton in common with our look i.

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