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So if you're making food with your hands Or you're you're doing food. Prep you wear gloves. And if you're just making smoothies since you're not really touching any of the fruit or vegetables You're just touching the utensils. You didn't really have to wear gloves. But now at this point we change the process of wearing your gloves When you're at the register you know where some gloves now Just 'cause you're handling money you're handling the register you're coming in contact with different people so we changed that We don't we don't have our lobby open at this point seating in our in our locations for people to sit in. Just stick with that with the new locations smaller lobby or a sign of slobby but more of check out the all unless restaurant feel yes so be at that. Location is opened. But we haven't had that many patrons at stay in sit Are are taking to go so actually at the location we actually have a. I don't even know what you would call it. It's like Like a shelving system for to go order so it. Stacks up In nines were since. It's just been a change of people just want to go orders so we're catering towards that Change that we made is We make sure to tie up people's bags so to make sure that you know people know that. No one gets into it as her point. We're actually taping the shut with Or putting a little ribbon on it Especially for delivery orders and then now at this point we we cover our our smoothies with With a bag on top. It's a small little sandwich bag. So any order that gets Any order placed on. We cover the top top of the cup with a with a little bag. Just a little added precaution just to make sure that you know we're safe. No attempts with it in the customer knows that you know. There's there's no one tampering with their their food..

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