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But it just goes to show you everything that we need in this industry is ignored and we keep getting more needless crap that we don't need that doesn't benefit the driver off maybe the truck companies to some degree but i can already tell you you know we're really going to be in for a serious world of hurt it's more and more guys like me or pushing retirement and thinking seriously about it every day and i have several voice in church in my neighborhood who know i'm a trucker asked me about getting into it might tell them well it's a good skill to have because when it gets bad you'll never liked through job of very rarely hear truck drivers being laid off but you do not want to get into this business if you wanna have a wife in the family and see your children grow up this is simply not the place you want to work and there's no future in it yeah i started basically fulltime and truckee almost the same month the deregulation began and it has done nothing but go downhill since then and i've been really surprised every time you think this the pay has gotten as bad as you can working conditions have gotten as bad as they can and there have been some improvements mostly been the companies that have done that not the government but every time you think as bad as you can get by god and finding to make them worse yeah well guys you all the time is if we want to try to save this industry for drivers we are just gonna have to get organized and if that means we all become teamsters again and.

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