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Of people and we have house churches all over the North Houston area. We've started a couple of other churches in the northeastern area and there are some other places around the United States that are also have a church project in Winter Park Colorado in Greeley Colorado Orange County. Have some other countries A. We're just really holding onto these principles of what is a church and what is it not? How you been doing this? Ten years. This pretty fast to me. It's interesting. You myron don't know each other, but you have an awful lot in common. He the same thing he's been all over the place. Really here you. They say you're my Kinda Guy Brody. I love Rospa talking about you to me so I can't wait to get it. was happening I got a question for you. First of all men I love your passing man, it's like I think passing his electric helps Mbna and people. Here's my question and I wrote it down just use your your like a fire hydrant praise got How do you live on the cusp of doing what you've never done? How do you? How do you keep that edge about you? So that ten years later such as you are now you never lose that. Yeah. Well I can tell you mar one one way to answer the questions to say, I could not keep doing what I was doing before. I just knew I'm done I mean I I put together an advisory board of guys. Really solid I told him I. Don't want you to come with me. So I need your wisdom I need accountability I don't have what I could call elders yet because I don't have any people in our church. So but I can't all the principals and reasons for elders I needed to have that around me until I could name and identify and raise up elders, and thankfully we have some incredible elders in our in. Our Body now and I can actually, I'd love to the conversation ago pastor overseer elder bishop. What does that mean in the local church because I think we're expressing that without using this specific nomenclature but I put together an advisory board and this is what I told them. I said like I don't care if I have to work at macaroni, grill. Night..

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