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Of course. Employers accords God membranes on by the exit wind to go deep with music. 'cause we're four all right. Let's get into god. I'm sorry membranes like all over firstly Now you already will. You really answered by my. I gotta ask how you got started. Betcha oriented like set the in all like ow god. It's really cool. Thank you yeah. Of course of glories Talk about your star I'll jump into music Now let's dive into your means because right now people know now is that you're a robbery producer. Then we'll have a backup questions. What type so I wanted to know from us. I this is actually like a nice with this. Is my favorite question. Debra what's your whole process With music you know song any production the whole thing starts making a host on or hopi ever. If you produce like now for the writing process i just want like my lifestyle when the things as going around me you now Yeah also i make a beat or be you know In my process or ni- going the studio and you know i don't really have an idea or know what i'm gonna talk about song. You know it just comes out of me. I do right you know. Writing is one of the main things in this music thing. No matter how many artists out there say they can free style dope. I can trace out too but you know all these artists like say all those big audience like say eminem and I dunno and low riady and all these phenomenal artists out there They don't just go into studio freestyle of join. You know they also take the time in process on writing song. 'cause making a dope song takes time in not just like you know one hour boom we're gonna make a beat and boom we're gonna write a song. Bloom is a mere hit. Not it takes time no matter how good you are no matter how good you think. You are at all time process on on on any occasion. You know I know some producers they make six seventy beats in one hour you know it was just pretty phenomenon dope and so i'm on the producer that i am. I take my time. I don't just go in the studio and just lay down track and ancient to you know yeah danger but was that thing in remind kind of a life. Oh i'm sorry do on me to repeat all that again maybe okay all right so in my music process on writing a song and make beats and stuff like that. I don't just go into the studio and stuff like that and just be like and have an idea. Always ride my stub down. You know there's a lot of producers will be like i mean not produce rappers and be like i'm gonna freestyle thing and freestyle join on on on this be and boom was going to be it. All takes time in process a lot of dedication and stuff like that. 'cause say if i'm making a b. Right now i'll be like I'll be like okay. This beeston's do.'. Boom are a cool. But then tomorrow i'll be like needed. She's a snow year. I needed to use the german here. Neither change takeout. This par- got out of this instead. And this and that so making up song and and and and being the studio stuff like that all takes time and dedication doesn't come one day. You're going to make a thing. He yeah but dope song and make a hit the next day you'll be like okay anita change on some things on here because that's what i from one of the dope is dope is producers like dr dre. He doesn't just things that he goes in there. Inches lay down a track and be like. Oh this is going to be money. Ni- in all goals in all goes a lot of ways both ways and just going in the studio making a dope beat but then also take time and dedication on out what to do. Make better you know. And that's where i do some producers. You make they make beats in one hour seven beats them one hour. I can make the same. But sometimes i go back on the on the b- of bill o.'neil money not wanna change this. I'm going to add this and this so yeah. Cool cool awesome. I love to take your time. I love the. Don't go right. And i loved him to take your time with every beat you make in not just beats also the songs that iraq now. I freestyle myself. To sometimes i i. I'll go put song bizarre. My buddies i'll be like oh. Yeah i should go boom boom but sometime guy. I got change this land. I gotta change that line. I don't like the the the sounds on here. I don't like the johnstone's on here that it's that off. Put something now some bone you know it all takes time. I have literally aid. Tear by hard-drive that i never ever ever released any beats or any songs and not those beats and songs are just sitting there just waiting no cause and you never know once on being a one in wonder not wanna make a one had one big kids. You know. i'm homework that awesome that also. You gotta get those bolts on there wedding planning dude. So was that. Are you planning to do so Song if you don't if you don't give him out now there's could be studying there forever. They're all in the vote. Nice and tidy all right so this is going to stay in their. You plan to release the main concern one day. Yeah someday one when the time is right and lie well. that's amazing. i love to take your time. Yes i haven't produces the have done. Beats about our. They've done ten twelve beach. That i love the you. Take your time so that everything you make come. The benthic can be awesome l. Yeah that is amazing alrighty. Let's go on So now we got settled. We know what the hell you're talking about How now we all wanna know. Sorry shit go home. Sorry it's stir. She wants stops..

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