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It's twelve away prevent the spread of the irises with Michael and sons germicidal UV C. go to Michael and son dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks are traveling on the beltway in Maryland I've no problems to report other than the ramp closure on the island plant to go north on St Barnabas road that remains closed as part of the accident clean up on St Barnabas road just north of the valley Dallas Avenue as a result of the crash involving an official vehicle clean up investigation continued there were no serious injuries but again just a mess to clean up a couple of highway signs were damaged so it may be awhile before they get everything reopened if you're north financing part of the show here actually being diverted to the outer loop yeah hello plant trees Nortel seem Barnabas is closed if you come off the end of the valley on the same part of this road your only choice is to go left or in other words south toward for Washington you cannot go north toward Marlow heights I that is closed off and if you're south announcing Barnes road approaching Alice Avenue we were being turned around by police on scene the other incidents over in temple hill southbound branch Avenue at Naylor road all lanes remain blocked due to the accident estimation this was a serious crash that occurred following a pursuit so again southbound branch Avenue remains closed and clear what they are doing with traffic currently at one point you are being redirected to a parking lot to get around the closure unclear if that is still the case Northtown branch Avenue does the lanes are open over Bethesda incident that occurred on Sunday morning on Massachusetts Avenue just north of Goldsboro road that have been closed for some time as a result of enough and repair of multiple downed wires and poles it sounds like they've gotten made some progress is there now alternating traffic on mass Avenue just to the east actually of Goldsboro where they are alternating traffic one direction at times you that closure WTF people towards the gym by fitz Gerald autumn all military appreciation month means it's jobs where they will donate to the yellow ribbon fund with the purchase of a new car fitz Gerald toward gays as Burke returned WTF you traffic we have some beautiful weather in store for our Tuesday and for at least part of the week before the rain moves back into our Tuesday expect high temperatures back to the upper seventies to around eighty degrees with plenty of sunshine Wednesday.

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