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Do my best impersonation to intro these games. Are you ready? Cool. It gets somehow worse. Every is that what you think men sound like. Someone who is primarily around men would have a better sense of you know, voices. But that was I mean, the only male voice, I do is d which is also iota which is also cookie monster. I could have done that. Anyway, look into the game. So before we talk about the colts. I think we need to take a moment to knowledge that we haven't talked about the coal. In fact, I every like non major market teams thinks that they're overlooked by the MSM, but the colts really do have a case, and you started one of five so that you dug your own hole. But I do think they are the true under look team. And we have a colts fan. The only colts fan. I know to be honest is a producer of the show to Rica foster. So I just like to give her a minute to gloat about her team making it the playoffs three. Yeah. You know? I actually have a people who I you know, or the buck name that may. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I'm gonna do this do Gus style. Okay. All right. I so my loose is my buddy will Cain said. We're going going eleven buddy tendency, ho, wow. How does that sound? Taste that tastes. Okay. Second. My girl. Meet a kind. Macron on my own mcgirt Meena kinds that our defense was questionable. We're top ten and having allowed hundred yard rusher. All ear. We'll get to that. To get it. Okay. All of audio ESPN audio all of you laughed at me when I said, we were making the postseason there you go. Guys. I've got four words I told you so I've enjoyed today too. Because Tariq has been putting all the positive vibes in the world. So I don't know how but I'm going to this playoff game speak into exist. I am putting it in the atmosphere that I will be on a plane to Houston this weekend. So I want to talk about the defense. Annapolis defense going into this game. Because I as you correctly mentioned they are a lot better than people thought they finished the season actually ace in waited deba-, which is towards more recent games. I it's interesting. My think about them versus the Texans deep really actually both of these rosters are so different. And how they're constructed because the Texans roster which is really wrecked by injuries, and that's affected them. And will certainly be a hindrance on both sides of the ball is kind of like a stars in scrubs Rosser, right? Like, you've got cloudy and why? But there there's so many weaknesses, and I say the same applies offense as well. Whereas the colts defense is full of these unsung heroes, and we hear Darius Leonard's named a lot. But really you've got guys who are contributing who still aren't stars. And I think it's kind of added up to something that's bigger than some of its parts. Absolutely. I think and I it's so interesting because I believe ever flus is one of the coaches that was brought over when the whole Josh mcdaniels thing was going on right? Yes. And he's I heard him actually thrown out as a head coaching candidate, which seems a little bit early to me..

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