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15 and 45 brought to you by your local Honda dealer. Don't settle for less than a Honda 2 45 Day Preston. The Nationals need a near miracle to make the playoffs. They have to win the remaining five games. Plus, get help from Philadelphia, Cincinnati, ST Louis, Colorado and San Francisco. Nat's wrap up their Siri's with Philadelphia this evening, Eric Fetty on the mound for the +605 start on 1500 AM NFL. The Washington football team is a work in progress two weeks into their season. Head coach Ron Rivera knows that's true, especially of his quarterback, Dwayne Haskins, get an opportunity to talk. About the mistakes that were made decisions That could have been better that type of stuff you know, on on on Monday and then again on Wednesday, and then you get on the practice field. Now, you know you're looking at what you want to do against your next opponent, And then they'll talk about, you know decisions that could be made. Why these decisions need to be made and then hopefully go out and practice it and just work on me. That's all you can do right now. Defensive and Ryan Kerrigan and wide receiver Steven Sims were held out of practice today with bad toes. Offensive tackle Morgan Moses was limited with hip issues. Check out our weekly Look at the state of the Burgundy and gold. The W T o P Huddle is up on the sports page of w t o p dot com Pro Football Hall of Fame Running back Gale Sayers dies at the age of 77. The five Tamela process could get cut short because of injuries. Sarah's transcended the NFL after portions of his autobiography, I am third was made it to the TV movie Brian's Song he was portrayed in that movie by Billy Dee Williams. Dave Preston. W T A P Sports. Thank you, Dave. Big news this afternoon, A grand jury in Kentucky and I ts one Louisville police officer of Wanton Endangerment connected to the killing of Briana Taylor Special report straight ahead to 47. Here's Joma Creo, Federal Channel business manager at Poly on enhancing the work from home experience for federal employees sponsored by Polly..

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