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I can't see this not being a very good spot colombia belt as far as i'm concerned every other running back on this slate has warts also and if i'm going to take a running back and pay up four i wanna know that i'm going to get volley i don't know that there's other running back on this late that i pretty much seats with certain key they're going to get 25 plus such and probably thirty at i'm gonna pay for that law and let everybody else figure out what they're gonna make it up i would presume that let afforded the closest thing to another option dipped didn't and twenty five to thirty carry profile what's your concerned with with with four is the idea simply that hey is could become a shootout which limits ability to chew up yards on the ground i mean she just hasn't been all that efficient this is a spot where he could go off a bit price sixty nine hundred uh he needs to score touchdowns to be effective i do liked that he's been more involved in the passing game but considering his price one it's not that i don't like four at this week it's that i think that some other players with the same sort of profile maybe with a higher scoring potential based on their team in the match up like the lewis like somebody like 10 coleman if we we find out that freeman is is not a hundred percent and he might see extended volume this week so i don't mind foreigner i just find it hard to fit him and i don't know if i want to play him overdominance i going to say also along those lines up the list i am our time not considering import mightily the price point on drafting to sixty six hundred dollars and we know is coming up backtoback age of square volpi rushing embassy be touched it now the issue is this that was when there was no rex burkhead doging mike gillislee even sat out weak seventy because of an ankle issue base up practice participation report it seems like there's a chance the james whites and rex burkhead will clay this saturday night so what does that mean for dion loses value or do you think we get to the point where the pager to set this guy's to sink in good for us to do anything.

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