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Try to right past Ron. The evidence in them straight. There says there's been only one reinstatement so far says dozens of deputies who had been relieved of duty and remained under investigation have been called back into service because it's been determined their alleged misconduct would not merit termination club your pets. Cuba, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio says the deputies called back into service while still under investigation have been accused of policy violations not criminal conduct. A lawsuit filed by the Orange County deputies union over jail conditions that allegedly allowed a high profile escape of three inmates. In two thousand sixteen has now been settled the register reports the union and department leaders, including sheriff John Barnes will meet starting at the end of next month to come up with a clear path to implement jail staffing and security reforms. The union says that does not mean the problems are solved, but it provides a starting point to work on them an off duty fire captain was killed when his Jeep collided with a trend. A Cal trans sweeper train. The accident happened. The fourteen freeway the antelope valley with a Jeep driven by fire. Captain Michael shepherd of aqua Dulcie collided with a dump truck bed, which is part of a sweet portraying the Cal. Trans vehicle was in the center media. The northbound lanes when it was rear ended by the fire captains Jeep captain shepherd died at a local hospital the driver of the vehicle was injured and was in the hospital in Valencia crash shut down the fourteen during the dude our until early evening with an eight mile backup. Bob real can't accent seventy radio row should San demus on the fifty seven northbound causing problems. We'll check that out as well as the.

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