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Did it and they won trump was right he was fucked and above that above trump's own agenda what I think this cost the country and honestly if he had followed through with that agenda that would have been the biggest thing of all but second to that what I think it costs the country is that when Donald Trump got elected. It should have been a moment for all of us for everybody who cares about this country who care who's in the space of commenting on politics fix for Democrats Republicans Independents Greens commies Nazis Libertarians. Whoever the fuck you are for everybody? It should have been a moment to go. Whoa what's going on here like let's have a reset what the fuck just happened? Okay the Republicans should have been like wow we were ignoring issues that are voting base really cared about. I mean we chose these two guys you know Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush to battle it out. No one even liked them and they love this guy. WHO's talking about completely different issues? Whoa we're not representing our people for the Democrats to go holy Shit? We Thought Hillary Clinton should win. Forty nine states against Donald Trump and she's lost cost. What are we missing? The mainstream media should have said holy crap. I mean these people are really angry at us but we're supposed to be championing them. Why why are we rightly should have been this whole reset where everybody evaluated everything and said hey what's going going on here? What what the Hell is going on your? Let's think this through and if Donald Trump is so dangerous and so bad well. Let's calibrate so that the country doesn't go off the cliff here with with craziness okay like there should have been this whole moment moment and instead everyone went Nah. They're racist and Putin did it and it it took away this moment that should have followed Donald Trump and the reason I say it is because I <hes> I think if you're worried about the direction the country's going in if you don't listen to the advice of the Donald trump correction believe me. The next guy is going to be a lot worse than trump you're going to get you're GONNA get another. You're you're going to get an actual extremist. You're going to get what you project onto Donald Trump. You might actually get that one day. You know it's like what I say. Within about Antifa all the time you talk about how there's this fascist you know like a white supremacist movement in the country and you're almost it's like well. We'll keep doing what you're doing and there might actually be one day and then when you see it you'll be like oh wow there really wasn't one before turns out. Charlottesville wasn't that big of a deal but it it could be in the future so this story on for for many different levels levels is is a really big deal and I I gotta say like it's even for me for somebody. Who if I do say so myself I gotTa say I think I've gotten the story pretty much right from the beginning most insistent motherfucking out well? That's that's a given the most consistent motherfucker you know <hes> please get my title proper <hes> but even for somebody who's gotten on this has been pretty accurate. I think on what I thought this whole thing was but it's amazing to see it. Turn into this you know to go from trump Russia collusion twenty four seven. He's a puppet of the Russians he's been what he's doing Putin's bidding and all these stories and to see it end with this pathetic showing by Muller just being grilled and refusing to answer questions and we all know why he's refusing to answer the questions because if he did did he would be an admission of itself. This is where we end. It's it's been an entertaining ride. It's been a hell of a story. It's it's interesting to live through moments like this where you're like this really is history story and when I say this historical in the same way that you know if I if I think like five to six just moments that have lived through in my life and my thirty six years on this planet I really do think this is up there as one of the biggest stories in modern American history. It's like nine eleven a huge won. The war in Iraq was a huge one..

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