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W F L A Good morning. It's a M Tampa Bay on a Wednesday morning and if you want to join us, call us at 809 699352. Like to hear what's on your mind here this morning. We got every morning we get these numbers of the Tampa Bay area coronavirus deaths or the deaths attributed to it. Although Probably most of these are not from Corona virus. There. People who dive heart attacks cancer things like that. That happened to have coronavirus. S so it's impossible to tell who actually died from it. And who didn't but this is interesting again. Um, we had 20 deaths reported. And, uh, I don't quite understand this. They've got our Seven county area. There were three in Pinellas eight in Polk. One and Pascoe, foreign, Citrus and four and her Nando, which is 20 deaths recorded and that's a little better than past couple of days ahead twenty six hundred one day and 25. But here's the one that I don't quite understand. Um Hillsborough County had minus three deaths. They come back to life did Where did they have Ah Lazarus experience. Minus three. We've been through this before. I forget exactly why the number would be in the negative too, because I remember reading one time what It means that they came back with something but Maybe. If you know if you work in a hospital or something you can Call and explain what the minus three is. Or maybe the information is available in the Having many times on it. The look and see but Anyway. 20 on that number seems to be staying right up there. Unfortunately. We got another controversy on All team names. No, I had the Redskins and they changed their names to the what do they call themselves? Now? The Washington team, the football team, The Washington football, the football team. Yeah, but the Washington full Yes, the Washington football team, But their name is the football team. The football team man is that I mean, it's like something out of mad magazine or the onion or something like that. Aren't they? All the football team? Are you being serious? Yes. Oh, that's serious. No, there's about a bad joke. Wow, that's really disappointed. You don't know It's disappointing that you thought it was a joke. And you didn't like It's that bad. No, I didn't. It was just that bad that I thought you were just being like. You know what? Let's just call him the football team. That's so stupid. That is my recommendation was I remember, we went through this and people were making suggestions, and my idea was to call him the Washington senators. That's what the baseball team Used to be called, and that's a good name for a team from Washington, D. C. Where we have the U. S Senate. Do you think they gathered like a team of people and sat down and then someone finally, like a light bulb went off their head there like I got it. Let's do the football team and everyone clapped. Everyone was like, Yeah, that's a great idea What maul teams so they're gonna name it something else. But then it helps me hear the announcement of this came so late that they didn't have enough time to scramble and change. And, you know, merchandise and everything like that. So they, you're right. Katie was probably somebody like in the meantime, which is called the football team, And if you look it up on Google, it is Washington football team first in the NFC. Yes, I wonder if they have any Washington football team. Jerseys or anything like that Their mascot consider giant football was going to say, Do they have like a trademark on that? Can anybody make sure it's I want to get in on it, But anybody could do it like we're the Tampa Bay football team. Well, there's another one that's considering doing something stupid like that more get around to that later, but it's 5 46, and we go to the newsroom and Chris treatment. Doses of the covert 19 vaccine that are supposed to come to Florida are now on hold Governor to Santos says the state was supposed to get 200,000 doses of the Fizer vaccine next week and another 247,000 the following week. Now, he says those shipments are being delayed in the state doesn't know if he'll get any more doses in that time frame. The governor says the delays due to a production issue with Fizer. A precautionary boil. Order is in effect for northwest Hillsborough County due to a water main break. County officials say a contractor was working on the Citrus park roadway projects. And caused damage to a 24 inch water main line the boundary for the impacted areas west of Veterans Expressway to Erlich Road, residents are advised to boil water before using for drinking, cooking and teeth brushing. Man's hospitalized after a shark attack off siesta key police say the 39 year old victim managed to walk home after the attack yesterday morning. Ah, woman at the home called 911 and said he was bleeding seriously. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment. On Chris Trunk Man NEWS radio. W F L A Now let's check SPORTS w F L A Sports 15 at three by from the 95 www d A. N A. M. 6 20 Sports Center on there, and Jacobson. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are just days away from their week 15 game against the Atlanta Falcons. And now they're gonna be without all their special teams. Starters who have been put on the reserve slash cove. It 19 list. Tampa Bay Place.

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