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Polls including one by fox. News itself have now shown. The president biden's vaccine requirements and other cove measures are widely popular so republicans and right wing. Pundits have been forced to come up with increasingly insane arguments against him for more on this. It's time for a closer look way. You can tell that the republican party is intellectually bankrupt. Is that they spend very little time talking about policy and a lot more time talking about conspiracy theories they concocted out of nowhere so hard to keep up with the right wing rumor mill. That sometimes i'll only find out about one after it's been debunked. Yesterday was scrolling through twitter and slopes headline. That said no joe biden is not a westworld robot created by george soros to steal your hamburgers and i thought now right. I forgot to tape judge janine last night saying what you want about the democrats and there's plenty to criticize about centrists standing in the way of major legislation but at least the progressives in the party like budget committee chairman bernie sanders are trying to pass the three point five trillion dollar package that would among other things established universal pre k. program and new childcare benefit for working families extend the and the child tax credit the earned income tax credit and child independent care tax credit create the first federal paid and medical leave benefit at dental vision hearing benefits to medicare and make investments aiming to meet biden's goal of reducing economy-wide carbon emissions by fifty percent and in defense of the bill bernie is deployed some of his trademark sarcasm. No you understand that. Senator mcconnell the republican lead up and others a really shocked by bill. They cannot believe it. Imagine just imagine that the united states senate is addressing the needs of working families and was going to stand up for ordinary americans rather than just the wealthy and powerful. What is this world coming to. Don't we understand that here in the senate was supposed to take campaign. Contributions of the drug companies and the insurance companies and the fossil fuel industry and from the one percent and do their bidding is not the way it has always been done here in the us. Well senator mcconnell things are changing. I like the bernie takes on the right the same way he takes on a waiter who brings him soup but no spoon. Oh this is fantastic soup without a spoon. Maybe i'll just use my faulk famously. Designed for use with liquids. Or maybe you'll be good enough to bring me one of those wide. Mcdonald's straws so i don't get myself an aneurysm trying to get the chicken chunks up so the left is focused on trying to pass a far reaching bill that would transform childcare expand the social safety net and tackle climate change among other things. And what's the maga crowd doing. And they're offering any alternative solutions or are they asking. Eric trump about nikki massages cousins friends. Swollen balls we saw what happened to nikki manashe this week. She's facing backlash for tweeting to her. Twenty two million followers that a friend of her cousin had issues with the vaccine. And now she. They're trying to cancel her. Well that's exactly right. They'll try and cancel everybody. I mean i've lived cancelled culture. Probably better than any person in the world and if you speak out against them if you disagree with them they cancel you. They try arrest you they try in prosecute you. It's amazing kind of the unjustice. In this country in america was always this country that stood for equal weights of justice on both sides. I mean it's a national symbol of ours the scales of justice. We don't have that anymore. It reminds me of a banana republic. Maria really does first of all you do is the scales of justice are not equal weight. Some both sides the whole point. Is that the evidence on one side outweighs the evidence on the other. That's why court cases never end in ties. also who say. Nicki minaj cancelled. I mean i disagree with her on. Vaccines and i think spreading misinformation is dangerous. But she's still an amazing artist and if her next song rhymed vacs sacks and biden. Call me back. I'd be happy than anyone. It's also great when the same people who scream. Fake news treated nikki. Moniz tweet about her cousins friends balls like it's unimpeachable information. She just tweeted a room. She heard that obviously wasn't true. She's not reporting. Live outside of hospital on cnn. Data ballwatched we go. Now live to nicki manashe. Also something reminds. Eric trump of a banana republic. It's probably referring to a time. He thinks he was treated rudely at the store. Berea this whole thing reminds me of being told. I could only bring seven items into the dressing room at one time to which i said. Maybe we should have a smaller collection of chino's but that isn't even the weirdest topic of conversation. Maria bartiromo entertained on her show this weekend in the same our she also has ted cruz about a conspiracy theory that the white house has been cutting off. Joe biden's microphone which has already been debunked by fact checkers as well as reality in crews went along with it. President biden's microphone. Apparently looked like it was cut off at one point This past week. Do you believe he's making these decisions on afghanistan and these leadership misteps. Well i would say it's a disturbing pattern where it seems. They cut off his microphone. Anytime you might say. Something that has handlers. Don't want there's no doubt that that president biden's capacity is severely diminished and his white house handlers. Amplify that impression when they keep them keep him locked up in a basement all day long. You know they've tried this basement line in the campaign and it didn't work probably because it wasn't true and even if it was after four years of trump voters are thinking abasement president doesn't sound that bad. They're also probably super bummed that if a mute button exists they didn't use it for trump gonna use during that boy scout speech but apparently this mike kathleen button theory repeatedly debunked as a thing in right wing circles so much so good. It's been repeated on fox news and even in an official hearing of the united states. Senate i don't know. Is somebody telling him that. He can't continue in our they to the point where they're controlling. When he has to end his speaking has he thought or read anything that people are writing about him and how they cut off his microphone rather than ask questions somebody in the white house authority to press the button and stop. The president cut off the president's speaking ability and sound. Who is that person. I think anyone who knows. The president including members of this committee knows that he speaks very clearly and very deliberately for himself. No one else does. Are you saying that. There's no one in the white house that can cut him off because yesterday that happened. It's happened the number of times before it's been widely reported that somebody has the ability to push the button and cut off his sound and stop them from speaking. Who is that person varies. There is no such person. Are you telling this committee that this does not happen that. There's no one in the white house who pushes the button in cuts him off in mid sentence. That's correct first of all if a but like that exist in shoemaker would have it for me because he is a power hungry.

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