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So armed with all of that information. I hopped aboard Moscow subway and hitched a ride to the Kremlin. Vladimir Putin was unavailable. So instead, I met Uris lov Neil off an MP knee love like a lot of Russians, including their president doesn't totally deny that the troll factory was or is a real thing. But he insists they don't know anything about it. Besides what they've read in the press, and that it has no connection whatsoever to the Kremlin Neela also questions, whether even a small army of online trolls could actually influence an election result in a country like the United States or Canada. There's still think that the internet is a place, but the reasons that Trump won the election thing to do with us. You think that when Russia's blame? It is just the establishment trying to offer excuses as to why they have lost. And that raises an even bigger question do posts and advertisements on social media actually have the power to sway someone's political beliefs to change their vote the short answer. Based on the limited research available on that subject is not really they can reinforce or amplify someone's existing beliefs. So if you will already think that police are racist. For example, you're more likely to believe a fake news story about police brutality or being courage to join a.

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