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The Monday holiday. I think it's great. But I don't mind just means nobody's around accent. I thought it was going to talk to somebody up on the third floor. Believe me news for not to tell anybody a lot of people left before two o'clock. Oh, I've got a. It's crazy. I know. But it was it was completely dark. I was like what's going on here? I love the Email because of the Monday holiday Wednesday night at four what what happened. Leaving leaving. No one's here. We like it way. Absolutely. We like it that way. I a hammer up there that was about it. I don't know what he's doing. But he was I saw him walk out. But yeah, he was there. Everybody wanted to beat it every day at like two thirty report we got here. Perfect nowhere. He said. Oh would love it. All right. Let's see Stephen A with the. Hunter Henry Derek Johnson. You do. Let's recap. Let's recap before we go to a recap. Here's you gotta ready. Here we go. I'm keeping my eyes on this matchup right here that goes back. I'm sorry. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. I forgot. I'm sorry. Yeah. Absolutely. He is out. But I'm thinking tyreek hill, I'm thinking Patrick Mahomes. I'm also looking at the San Diego Chargers on offense. And I'm thinking about. Waning played the effective as he's been. He's going up against Derrick Johnson. And I gotta keep my eyes on that. Because I'm looking at it from. Here's a here's here's where I'm at with all of this. Okay. So that was the first one this is all happening like the last month. He's just on a bad role. What is up? No, man. I don't know if he's just getting old all of a sudden, he's can't remember anything or what? Or is getting bad information from the people in back, or whatever the case that I'd tell you tonight on the clippers were looking forward to the Ken Bannister les. Jepsen matchup. That's gonna be key. You don't think it's going to be Benoit Benjamin? Don't don't. But he could could Benjamin verse. Tom Tolbert a huge huge. And then the second one this was just last week. Right. He to airs here you look. I don't care put together all the list. You wanna who cares? Who's lists? As better, whatever. But anyway, he had his top five quarterbacks left in the playoffs. First of all he had Brady v. Okay. Okay. This was last week. Yeah. So who's left in the playoffs Mahomes Mahomes? He had out there. Relax up there. Rivers yet ahead of our eighty Goff breeze Goff Prescott. Yet. He had all those guys ahead of him and he had Brady v. So there's there's number one. Yeah. Pretty was at the top. Interesting. Okay. None of the other guys even been to a Super Bowl. So anyway, that was his that was his list. But he forgot one of the quarterbacks that probably should have been at the top of the list anyway who could have forgotten. All right. So this is last week if you're notice on my list, there is no Nick foles. I am so sick of everybody talking about Nick foles. I'm todd. A full list.

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