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So here's why I don't think exclusive monotheism is helpful then because the term inclusive monotheism monotheism, that acknowledged the existence of other spiritual beings. But that's not what the word monotheism means in modern English monotheism means the belief that there's only one God capital g. God. Sure. Yeah. That's helpful to me is unhelpful, but think about this way. Right. Couldn't you say inclusive monotheism is saying, take the feline example given the lion is the supreme feline association with all other felines of any type cool. Exclusive monotheism. Yeah, there's no existence of other felines other than the line. Yeah, that doesn't make any because no ancient Jewish person Israelite ever believed that. So why do we even need it as a category got exclusive monotheism, right? That's a total modern enlightenment enough because our word God doesn't do the same thing as the world. Got that. That would be. So it's a service translation problem. Yeah, yeah. So in English, it makes sense. But the problem is is now on your translating Hebrew text and Greek texts from Hebrew thought, stops making sense. Yeah, that's right. Okay. Yeah, you got it. Okay. So with that category. Okay. Let me mature something exclusive Exclusive. monotheism. Monotheism denies the existence of any other Lyon, except for y'all way. Okay. Right. There's no other lion, there's no other God. It's kind of like saying, if the thought experiment would be, there's only one line on the planet. It's Harry. The lion at the point is only one exists. Yeah, is about to go at stink. Yeah. Well, this this winless Reverend. So you would say there is no other lion, but Harry, the lion at the Portland zoo felines. There's other felines Tigers and you say, and then you say there's other felines. So that's like saying there's no other God, but there are other special beings just depends on how you're using the word. Yeah, yeah, in English. But when someone saying exclusive monotheism, I think what they mean is there's no other lion even though, right. Well, in which case there's no difference between inclusive xactly. That's what I've turned to. Yes. So in which case, let's just use the word monotheism or again, we're, I'm trying to summarize academic debate that's been going doing. There's other. There's even more nerdy terms that have been thrown around like Manala Trie. Manala Trie. Yeah. If I, if I dollars is worshiping party game, monalisa tree means the worship of one. So some people use that to describe what's going on in the bible. Military, there are many elohim. We worship one elohim. Yeah, some people have proposed the word. He knows the ISM. He, no, he know which is the Greek word one. He know me tennis. Hanrahan us one. So one theme when theism that which is the belief in or it's not about belief, it's about one supreme about allegiance to one and these all arise from and it's not just allegiance to one. It's the belief that there's only one that has the premium, which is what allegiance to why we correct. Yeah, but the point is, of course in the ancient world that was that was a contested claim..

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