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Hi. Welcome to the adventures of Finn Caspian. My name is Jonathan messenger and win me as always is my good friend, bebop rebel Mogo. Wanna Trump, okay? Jonathan is Wednesday is the episode up. Well, we're recording the episode right now. We are injured Chelsea. I didn't think you need me to tell you since we're sitting in our studio with microphones on headphones on and we're talking to each other. And I just said, welcome to the veterans of Caspian listen to you. So are you ready to do the show? I haven't even done my vocal warm ups yet. No. Now, you vocal warm ups, you're supposed to go outside to do those now time Jonathan besides whenever I go outside, I end up scaring a bunch of birds. Okay. So when I do vocal warm ups, I usually say something like red leather yellow, the red leather yellow leather, or porcupine.

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