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I certainly pk sue ban is one of the great stars jerome again lou i'm on i'm talking about just casual hockey fans where you have this this brings up an interesting point because he's a black hockey player there are not that many many years ago many years ago before the what was the capital center was built bob johnson who owned at the time bt still owns be to he wanted to buy the the bullets and the capitals and i sat at a luncheon with him at the washington post and heard him say we're going to make the capital's black america's hockey team and everybody at the table when well this pretty good idea if you could do that and you do i think you do maybe this is just the crowd shot that television stations want to put on but it does seem to me that the washington capitals have attracted a mixed audience more so than a lot of cities do seems that way to me is that what you're suggesting michael i think what you're noticing the outside arena experience my personal experience from inside is that it's still the same very white worst tickets you buy your ticket you hold onto ticket so i think it's great that you're seeing that outside shot you still have a many barriers inside and you still have a lot of practices that happened in the arena that might make certain fans feel unwelcome but i do think that when you see these games and again it's about opening it up to the non season ticket holder i think these games do mean something washington dc is our most international city country obviously and so it stands to reason that washington dc if a team does well and people want to gather and attacks themselves team it's doing well the look of those people will reflect an international student more than most cities in this country which is a very healthy sign if indeed if indeed that i hadn't thought about a much i'm just thinking about the fact that i think they're going to win when i'm wondering what the parade is.

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