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Ari innovation laws also dictated that jews could not own property it would be confiscated and given over to the nazi government that would include the chanel brand camera timah was his very handsome but he was very charming man and apparently hicom bought he was always as was his brother they will always determined at chanel was not going to get the better of them pierre and paul vertebra to get out of paris before the nazi down and they moved to new york but there was still the matter of their company chanel how vaughn explains their plant essentially what the word hamas did was to sell their business to a non drew an aaron felix ameo was his name he manufactured aeroplanes for the french army and eventually ended up by manufacturing aeroplanes for the german lift wafa so he had a certain protection built in and in fact to use that he used his major client hermann goering commander in chief of the german airforce the lift offer to stop could blog from seizing this property kurt blonde had tobacco off chanelle was defeated because felix abio aided the german war effort the worth highbury held a great deal of leverage against them as they went to buy their company back the basically arranged for a witness protection like arrangement for ameo he could have been prosecuted on warcrimes charges ameo sold the chanel business back to pierre and polfer timer but the brothers were far from done with the company's namesake.

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