CDC confirms 5th case of new coronavirus in U.S.


All right another case of the corona virus it's the fifth case confirmed in the United States and it's on the west coast this time the fourth the fourth case involves a person infected who were just returned from Wuhan China according to the LA county department of health the first case of virus in California was confirmed Saturday and then also later on Sunday health officials in firm to fifth case in Maricopa county Arizona the patient is a member of the Arizona State University community but does not live in campus housing and yes that patient recently returned from traveling in Wuhan China as well so the this viruses I guess sticking around here for a little bit we'll keep an eye on that course were waiting to hear a follow up remember last week when there was a suspected case not confirm yess suspected case up yeah at Tennessee tack university in middle Tennessee and we have not heard the outcome of those results and that they were working with the CDC will have more on that on Memphis morning news as that we find out more information on that but yeah the corona virus is no no joke that is for sure but fourth and fifth cases in the United States again not too many but still that number could be could be grown will keep a close eye on

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