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Knew an educated okay. There you go thank you. That's my pile was amy's pile of stores. It's time for the good news. Amy shout out to this woman in arizona because she created a ripple effect for families struggling to pay rent. Her name is nora briggs and reached out to the salvation army to see how she can help with family facing difficult. Times wanted to help keep them in their home. She paid several months rent. I single parent with four children and then she went. Even further bought christmas presents for the family to and then neighbors hers felt inspired so they started doing it for other families and then that's how the ripple effect happened and now it's all it takes is one person being inspired by someone else and then the next and the next. How does that make you feel you feel awesome in fact. I'm and i need to do something like this myself. I i often make the string on the sweater. Analogy just takes a string and someone to pull the string and eventually you can get the whole sweater off one pool. But that's what happens right mendez in have you inspire somebody else. Too strenuous keeps. You know it doesn't have to be a million dollar donation to build the wing of a hospital right. I think it's collectively everybody coming together. And doing their part. She may be able to do the rent and the christmas gifts. But maybe you can just do like a gift or two or one month written several whatever it looks like. That's good story. that's what it's all about. That was telling me something. Good good people. My name is slow host of the rabbit hole pop culture nerd paradise otherwise mass. What's love supreme. We hear listing fried and bringing out the best of our many guests and this particular episode is no different. We are on to bring you a special two part episode with a one and only police mariah carey. Yes mariah carey. She gets very candid about her three decade plus a lustrous career and nobody knew who i was introduced me. Ladies and gentlemen columbia recording artists right carry the like then at the end of it e announcer. He's like balance. Now that's a queen tells it like it is cheers with fans what it's like to be meeting young and she's by herself doing her hair gluing roommate walking barefoot in and out of the loan and she's like in the most glamorously possible and she's like mariah and i'm like i believe that someday listen to quest. Love supreme on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. And wherever you get your pockets so appreciate you guys hanging out amy. Let's go into the morning corny with you morning corny. What time is it when the clock strikes thirteen. What time is it when the clock strikes thirteen time to get a new clock. That was the morning corny. Ben and jerry's introduces a new ice cream flavor for dogs for the first time. Oh wow tom. And the weird thing is our dogs. Can't tell us what they like. And don't like so. We're just basing on dogs like ice cream off if we like ice cream because you don't know what they're thinking but they are unveiling to new flavors designed for dogs doggy desserts features a sunflower butter base specifically formulated for pooches. Flavors include punches. Mix and rosie's batch. I am not someone who has indulged in the dog's not love dog food in the expensive doctrate dog excess kc cupcakes. Yeah i have not jumped there yet off cookies. Yeah i do. I'll do the milk bones. No so there are some cookie places that make like real cook. I know look like human cooking. The ingredients are human. All definitely would eat so technically. You could eat them too. They say i am so jealous. People's dogs who just love ice. Oh yeh cut my dog just looks like why did you don't want this. I have no interest in ice so we have two dogs now and so. I don't see myself really walking into that. What we call that market out dogs sure yeah land unless the right one comes along. I just can't see myself getting into that because we're just basing our love which by the way i love ice cream maybe pound for pound best desert. Really pound for pound is comes never bad unless you get that flavor. It's like pizza. There's some you like at all. I agree with that like not like peanut butter. But you like ice cream okay. Lay name a dessert pound for pound cake. What about chocolate cake chocolates. Not a dessert. That's just the excuse me you have. Chocolate is in desert chocolate itself as chocolate ice cream. Chocolate cake okay. How about a chocolate cake compromise. Also brian austin green and sharna burgess. Instagram official. That happened finally forgot to mention it yesterday. Good for them. I haven't talked to sharon in probably two months. So i don't think about it. I didn't ask her about it with my partner. I dancing with the stars. Good luck to him. That's what i say. I hope it works out. I knew the rabbit hole. I went down. Took me straight to. Do you think that later on in life being quote instagram official. Something we talked about with our kids like yeah. You know because it's a big deal. Now i think back in the day used to be going steady and now it's instagram official. Because that's how you really instead of were dating. You say we're instagram. I think to be dating. Officially people get on instagram posts. A picture together to wear their letter jacket. Maybe okay. Nineteen forty two zero famous photo with two straws ring around your neck plastering over half of moms have spent so much time with their partner in two thousand twenty because of corona virus and other being quarantined or just in the house more for valentine's day they don't want something together they want something apart. They won't meet time for valentine's day thoughts. I could see how that i. Maybe i don't know it seems like a trick like maybe you need to give them their me time separately from valentine's day. That's part of the gift. You still do something romantic with her or romantic for her package it up. I don't know man i'm with. Amy does sound like a trick. You know like Women say all the time like oh. This is what i want but really in the back of their minds but i really wanna be. I've done it you. You've done.

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