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What can they mummy? Mike Mike Mike get on the MIC real quick What's up when here's thing we have white people in the room on the podcast? We we always want to know who they are Mike before we get into our guest. Yeah Yeah you are Caucasian. And that makes me curious about how you got here with the brothers today. Mike what are you. What is it that you do I'm the sound engineer at the third podcast studio. But is that your debts. You're trait like you do. That's what you do do do we are like are you rap musicians stand up comedian musician. Stand up comedian. Yeah yeah different. I don't do them together. You'll do different so you don't play instruments of their way. You do not totally different music. Real stand up his heart. So because you're you're a stand up. Comedian yeah okay. I'm GonNa ask you a question. Yeah and based upon and this me Ryan Toby from city high yeah. We're going to decide whether or not we like you. Who are the top five standup comedians? Who've I can tell you I mean that to me that's the league will my order? I'll say Patrice oneal number one. Oh Wow that's my we fucked. Wouldn't give give it up my dog you saw all day. That's how I wouldn't put them number one but the fact that you fucking Patrice means that you know good stand up. That's my dude man. I I mean that's one thing that he's my personal number one but I always tell people like a like a people's Mount Rushmore. Here you're number three. He was like Mount Rushmore leg. Now obviously always throw throw in like another Richard. Pryor the Lenny Bruce George Carlin but my personal Patrice Chapelle Bill Burr. And then after those there yeah bill. He's fucking great but after Chapelle Patrice and birt's it's like a David it's Dave attell is a ton of people to be fighting for that but I mean Patrice is like I listen to that do normals every day usually brother Mike maslum might give it up for Mike. Mike Mike met you before. Maybe you do any engineering at any studios a recording studio No I was working down at the Hollywood improv. And it's mostly the clubs so welcome once again to the red pill podcast for the ripple pockets. Normally we just make the white people clap but now we were on on the same wavelength as my. I have a very very special guests in the house. You guys might have heard me briefly introduce him but is crazy. We Have Ryan Toby. Yes from city high is what would you do well. Let's say. How many are I met? I met Ryan from sister I to have all happy days. Beginning me and Ryan because we box is it the same at Saint Jim we with the great fill Polina over in a boxing and I was introduced him us. Oh man exist. Weird Elliott Bales. I yell do from cigarettes. But like I don't want to say I don't WanNa come over to you and start blasting the song whatever but the last time we had such interesting conversations decisions about music about your journey about just the whole interesting. I was like yeah you can come in and do the podcast. And coincidentally you gotTA shout out this weekend on SNL. Yeah that was huge. Yeah Jennifer Lopez seeing what would Johnson. Yeah yeah in Chris Wray. They did a sketch such a parody of these Hip Hop carolers Christmas characters. That came to somebody's house and they came in and they're like we're Carolus. He said from the late nineties early. Two thousands groups like and they like the food and they like an city high and they do this whole thing on city highlight right and you didn't know that this was gonNA happen. Hell no I didn't know just what you were. You watching the did someone send it to you. Know I Well first of all my wife and I love Saturday night live. I don't even know a lot of people my age or you know especially black people that even watching that show but we love you just spoke whole race you just say I don't know man black people don't fuck me. Michelle had the head. Compensation Sean meals. I WANNA Title Watch fucking sign. I live right but we see the coach when they go viral. Yes so so. I'm just saying we love the show but anyway and I happen to be up Saturday a day night and I went on my instagram and there was just this one person tag me like one low lonely person tag me. There's only menu like this influx of inboxes are DMZ normally if anything. I'm associated with Eh one single person tax. You when you say one lonely person making see somebody in the fucking was lonely tag was lonely it was by. Hi This Oh God was just so you have all the bitches. I don't know anyway. I saw it and I'm like who's this you know what I mean and it wasn't like a flood so Clicked on it and I was like why and I'm looking at it and I'm trying to figure out. Wh what was going on Jennifer Lopez saw that she was going to host the show with a and the baby was the musical best so Yeah so I. I looked at the clip. And not just say wow. This is crazy this is like then. Didn't she post something and say instead insist on like a an amazing group she tour with or something like that on. No no no no no Bet Jaylo was that Jalen did not say that. Who said that because when when you said to me Oh yeah that that person the person who tag me said I used tour with? I still don't know who this is. This is somebody they said they use lonely as person says that they use to actually tore with right. I don't know what that's w you can. Just take us tour with them so but you never you never tour with Jaylo. No I'll never never know. WHO's the biggest artist city however tour with Wycliffe? Nellie we were on a tour called the MTV campus. Campus invasion tour always seems so fucking corner. Here's after its banks blocks. You know what I'm saying but the but KNOB but I get it like Nelly. It was destiny's child three W eve US Wow that it was pretty huge. Brielle W. Yes joe. Boss this I didn't notice and I'M GONNA get into this real quick 'cause you said three L. W. Did you know Oh and I really got into it on twitter a couple of weeks ago. Did you realize thrill w ended because two who of the girls from thrilled w through chicken on the other girl how about this. Let me let me let me know. How did you know how I feel like I? This was a big thing because yeah well I saw this on twitter Joe they threw KFC on her. And I was like wait a minute. They didn't really throw one. That was one of a few reasons but hell no let me fuck you listened. They checking on. WHO's in power? Yeah her last night. I'm working on her own album. She sinks you work in her house literally with. I'm going to be with her again tonight. We'll all week is she. Going to address this Chiquita Eh. She did a whole on was a TV watch. I WanNa hear it console. I WanNa hear.

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