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Defend the rafters. Yeah, they didn't try to retro fit. That would have been awkward, but. It does speak to the fact though that there is a bit of this, and this is kind of why I sorta Jenner, asked the question, and I'll throw it out there to audiences to sort of this informal history creep if you will that of ownership of that that era, right so I mean. We talked about the name of Utah Jazz right the the it's so uniquely. I would argue New Orleans even though that in in the lineage it goes, it's it should be part of of Utah's legacy, but why not also or perhaps separately be part of the basketball legacy that continues to exist in the form of the Pelicans family. I think that's a really good point. And I think that was something in my article that I was trying to unite was the fact that New Orleans has a very rich basketball history. It's just very fragmented. You had the these older teams, the bugs. The Jazz the pride the women's team, and then you even have these great anecdotes like in the eighties again. New Orleans didn't have a basketball team is kind of like the thing with football in in baseball where they would host these exhibitions because they knew they had an audience so in the eighties. The Atlanta Hawks. who had a hard time drawing? Fans at times I think they'd hosted a dozen games in New Orleans as the home team in quotes at the University of New Orleans Lakefront arena now. What happened interestingly there and the arena is still there. IS THAT THE BOSTON? Celtics I think this was eighty six. I can be the or maybe off, but the Celtics came to play the hawks in New Orleans in Larry. Bird had one of the best games of his career. He had sixty points at the lakefront arena in new. Orleans and it's just one of these little blips of history that you know because the Hawks decided to host this homestand in New Orleans. Orleans in New Orleans was missing having pro basketball. You get this. Larry Bird highlight of his career that happens in New Orleans and so it just you know little things like that. We have this fragmented basketball history that when you put it, all together is very fascinating. It's very distinctly New Orleans. And that it's very complicated, involves loss and tragedy with in the case of marriage, but when you stitch it all together, and then, of course you have the Hornets leaving town for Oklahoma City after Hurricane Katrina, but when you piece it altogether, yeah, the uniforms changed the team name change, but the history does kind of have this common thread that's that's really fascinating, and I think that. The pelicans one thing that they could do because you know the name is not very. Old But. Tapping into this local history of basketball, showing that we do have a tradition because I think that's something that the Pelicans have trouble with their branding is that? There is no history of new. Orleans Pelicans basketball here. People don't see the logo and the. And have nostalgia, but there isn't Daljit here. You just had to figure out how to weave it. Yeah, and in your article for Espy Nation called the streetcar named. Basketball which you know we'll. We'll tau to the in in our pre rolls, and all that kind of stuff. It is very rich, it's. Not only is it a well written article, but this is a great slider in their of of the visuals that can show you sort of the past and the present, and it's a really good juxtaposition, but yeah I mean you know you'd think that? that there would be as much effort to kind of tap into that that wellspring, and maybe help sort of surface, some of the more undiscovered or remembered parts of it, and you know some Stallard, but it's also frankly it's history and history is different than establish right to style sort of is kind of sort of wistfully remembering and. You know marinating it whereas history is kind of like what you not only happen, but also what came out of it, and or what can we do better or to avoid doing again in future? and. Again this is obviously a very small little part of history, but we've seen this time and time again in our various explorations, a lot of the same mistakes. Seem to have integration after generation whether it's business, ideas, or folly or building construction, or or or visit financial shenanigans and arrogance. All of it right keeps coming back over and over again right and you know. Pete Muravich in particular, and the the the roots of professional basketball in the NBA and even building on the Aba you could make the argument that the Pelicans might. WanNa tap into some of the old bucks. Experience in in rooted as hoops in in in Orleans has been been here and. We're GONNA. Remember and or introduce you to it for the first time maybe. Yeah Yeah. I mean like I said earlier in our conversation, the bucks were the first and only a pro sports team I'm sorry, Pro Basketball Team in new, Orleans to play for a championship and I. Don't think anybody knows that down here. We. Celebrate the Saints Super Bowl, but don't realize that you know. The New Orleans buccaneers played for an ABA title back in back in the sixties, so yeah like like you said think there there is pride and there's history and there's lessons to be learned in. You know I think that we could do a better job embracing it all right, so let's say let's return to the women's side of it because you did make sort of a a large hint here at the fact that the women's game actually is probably even more unknown, or or lightly discovered in terms of its its roots. In New Orleans and I want to get into. The WB L., the women's Professional Basketball League that they seventies, we had. One of our earliest guests was molly. caz Mer a molly Bolin. Who was known as machine gun back in the day Platon. Iowa, cornets and This is a league that. Can very much be a blind spot even amongst the WNBA folks, but this was. Depending on the city and the market that you were in was a pretty significant flip. We obviously got into the Iowa story, because there's nothing else professionally in Iowa bow then and certainly now, but the idea of doing women's basketball, even after the departure of the NBA men's Jazz. Maybe wasn't such a head scratcher when you maybe consider just how deeply popular and originating if you will, women's basketball was in this area. Yeah I. Mean You know you can go way back James? naismith invented his roles a basketball in eighteen, ninety one and you know he was a gym teacher, and so what you had happened after that. Is that a lot of gym teachers around the Country We're trying to create their own adaptation of Naismith rules in so you have this woman clear Bayer, who taught it? Nukem college was a women's College in New Orleans Later got absorbed by two lane, but anyway she invented rules for the women's game that were slightly altered, but they believe she published him in eighteen, ninety five, and it's considered like the first rule book of Women's basketball She called it something different..

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