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And Aviva coming up. Giants can ill-afford to fall any further behind their behind one to nothing. Now. Where they could tied up on one swing of the bat. D-backs trying to lengthen their lead here against Melanson. In San Diego tonight, seven degrees at game time that's about what the forecast is calling for. When the giants are there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, real mild temperatures down in San Diego for the giants. Visit. The giants their Monday night, Tuesday Wednesday night. Seven ten starts Monday and Tuesday, six ten hour earlier on Wednesday and there's a ball inside the Milan-San did not real sharp with this control right now. He's donate pitches. Only three of the eight for strikes. Needs better sharpness in that. His best chance at success. Giants overloaded on the right side against the left handed hitting villa. The pitch to him is high. With the. Change up or the splitter to know. So he doesn't really have command of anything right now. Low Castro.

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