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Caitlyn Dante dot com click on the shows tab, you can go to my website, but it's mostly dead links in a lot of his of hot dogs. I I recently hyperlinked there. My website is eighty present the episode of how it's made of various meats. Oh that sounds disgusting. No offense. But Jamie left is innocent dot com is the hyperlink for all of the meat videos. Great. Yes. Please. Just go there for. Anyway. So those are the quick plugs. We wanted to do at the top of the show. So you'll log. It's made up for. Anyways enjoyed that. Yeah. Enjoy the episode. It's a great one. And we'll we'll see soon. I'm going to tweet that. Bye. Beck. Adele. Hi. Hi, everyone. Thanks for calling. Hi, everyone. My name's Jamie, loft is my name is Caitlin Toronto. And this is our shows that you're at and maybe was anyone here. Dragged by a loved one, raise your hands. It always second. They're like. Thank you for coming by round of applause who has seen the movie else. Everyone, but me cool. Is there anyone by round of applause who has not seen? Yeah. Allies. There's always a couple there's always a few. So we are the backbone cast. We talk about the portrayal and representation of women among other things in film using the Bechtel test as a jumping off point to initiate a larger conversation. And if you don't know what the test is first of all shame on us. I take it back, you're fine. But it is is it's media test invented by Alison Bechtel that requires that there be two female identifying characters in narrative that for us have names, and they have to talk to each other about something other than a man for total of two lines of dialogue. So if you've seen L just think about that for a second. Lot of movies. Don't do this. They're not able to do what is truly the bare minimum my favorite bad pass. Because most like most media tests. It is a flood metric is the she's all that. We're one of the named female characters tells the other named female character kill herself and the first ones like, hey. Like, technically passes. Yeah. Really good one. So do we have any other orders of business that we need to attend to before we introduce I guess, I don't think. So I skip the middleman tonight the ice yourself. I myself quietly backstage, like a lady just said you've been in the night twisted. The cap myself got down to business. So I'm ready to go beautiful. Yeah. Well, without much further ado, let's introduce our guest she is a recovering child actor, she's a writer. She wrote the book where am I now, and she has a newsletter called shan't, we tell the vicar, please give it up for Mara Wilson..

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