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Today's guest is terrific. His name is richard lert sman and he along with lon davis has written deconstructing the ratpac joey the mob and the summit the rat pack in this case with a capital t. featuring the chairman of the board frank sinatra dean martin. Sammy davis junior. Peter lawford and of course. Joey bishop among others. His book is tell all that brings the inside scoop of just how the mob a future president and five extraordinary performers took the world and las vegas by storm so without any further ado. Let's invite richard alerts men to join us on mike. I'll begin with this. I just saw ocean's eleven for the first time in about fifty years and it was so much fun and it was perfect. Timing because here's your book and is so much here that revolves around this group of individuals. Welcome it's nice to meet you richard george. So it's the sixtieth anniversary of the rat. Pack celebration Is there an actual start date to this particular group of rat packers or what. Yes the start. Date was february of nineteen sixty and never lose based fred's professional friends And they had no each other The the work together and it came together in nineteen fifty-nine ranko nine percent of the sands hotel and he had watched this great. We prima and keely smith. Sam butare at the sahara's lau jack and he loved that looseness that craziness oh prima and when the Owners and the The publicist l. Freeman came to franken said they wanted to create a mega event. He thought of Of the martha hit just worked with some come running and a film and he thought of Of sammy davis junior. Who was just recovering from losing in tramp in a car accident. Frank was kind of pushing them back. Get back on. Stage get his balance and he thought it was great. Enjoy bishop happens to be frank opening act for about eight nine years so he not putting them together no earlier in homely hill he was part of a group with david niven and humphrey bogart alarm a call and mickey rooney and Learn call costs. You look like a pack of rats wrap so when these guys get together. The press started calling them back and in february nineteen sixty got together. Interesting yeah i heard about the the bogey ratpac from a lot of reading on humphrey bogart and all that. And that's kind of cool and lauren. Bacall was a young beautiful lady and she had to. She somehow stuck it out with those guys and was able to put up with and drink with him. I think i mentioned the movie. And was that a planned coming out party for the rat. Pack or whatever. Where did the movie fit in. Ocean's eleven eight. It was all very pleased when they started putting together the summit they called it in las vegas in february nineteenth century Peter lawford had been shopping around the script that he that he got from a gas station attendant. Who ended up his name. Was george clayton johnson. When did up later right. In all a lot of twilight zones logan's were on but at that time he based He in the army he was the black market group out of the army in germany and he thought of the idea bringing the guys when they came back to to the us ever union and to have a heist in las vegas. So that was a script. Frank saw the script from peter. Peter lawford and he says this is so good. You know why should fill much is do this it. So frank took jack warner jack warner loved it. So frank's idea was why. Not shoot this in las vegas where yo- nine percent of the.

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