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Morning, news, shoot bigger steps be taken on the federal level, the health stop these mass shootings or should it. Be let to local leaders and communities, we're asking a security expert. That's after traffic and weather together. Here's John Morrissey. Hey, we got problems. Now, the Aurora area this morning southbound two to five after Parker road right down there at the bottom of the hill down by the spillway from the cherry creek dam. You've got an accident. That's jamming up getting out of a roar. Getting from Parker road down to the tech center. Cherry creek dam road. Good alternative. I don't see any big problems with that yet this morning. Your Parker road drive. Looks good Aramco's in pretty good shape. You're I twenty five drive coming out of Douglas county all the highways are getting busier now. But I don't see any big big problems on your highway drive except that one southbound two five there after Parker road. We did have a crash heading into the airport. There's actually a couple on inbound penny boulevard the latest one near fifty six still holding up a little bit. But it's not a totally snarling traffic there. So that shouldn't be a big issue on the north side. Usual slowing eastbound to seventy is real heavy right around York, westbound I seventy six just on that ramp to I twenty five and southbound I twenty five getting busy from Thornton Parkway down to eighty four. And that Dr downtown starting just after I seventy if you this report is sponsored by your local Ford store, if you unsurpassed. Safety technology and a powerful turbocharged ego boost engine get afford. If you wanna America's best selling brand, get a Ford if you want a great deal on your next car, truck or SUV gets you local Ford store today built Ford proud next update. Six fifty KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Hey, Good Friday morning. We are looking ahead to the norms change in the weather pattern next week looks very warm. It's going to feel like.

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