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Abraham Lincoln, George Mcclellan, Democratic Party discussed on American History Tellers


By the time. Eighteen sixty rolled around the two factions within the Democratic Party were deeply split at that. Year's nominating convention northern delegates refused to approve a pro slavery platform as a result southerners walked out and held their own separate convention, the northern Democrats nominated Stephen Douglas, while southern Democrats chose vice president John Breckenridge. The republicans. Meanwhile, were sure to nominate an abolitionist and the Democrats had just split their party almost guaranteeing their loss concern grew at a Republican victory would thereby lead to a secession crisis and a convention was called to unite former Whigs and know nothings who hadn't already joined the Republicans or Democrats, they call the coalition the constitutional union party and nominated former Tennessee Senator John bell as their candidate their platform was broad-based and moderate and completely ignored the question of slavery and stay. Said their focus was the preservation of the union and the constitution with four candidates from four factions running Republican ABRAHAM LINCOLN won only thirty nine percent of the popular vote, but he earned a clear majority in the electoral college sweeping most of the northern states and just as feared immediately following his election. The southern states began to secede within a month of his inauguration. The north and south were war. The civil war brought four years of brutality and destruction on a scale never before seen in the United States the country. And it's politics would never be the same as the nation fractured. The political parties fragmented too far from wartime unity, both parties broke into factions Democrats divided over support for the war while Republicans split over Lincoln and his policies the so-called war Democrats were led by General, George McClellan. They supported the war and Lincoln's objectives McClellan had been a leading general in the first years of the war before being fired in eighteen sixty two by Lincoln peace. Democrats also called copperheads were led by Ohio congressman Clement Velandia them insistent on peace without victory. The copperheads sought to end the war and reunite the country through negotiations, but critics accuse them of being confederate sympathizers. Similarly. Republicans split between those who supported Lincoln and those who did not call the radical Republicans those who opposed him believe that he was too moderate and lenient in his dealings with the south. They distrusted his appointment of McClellan a democrat too. High command believing he didn't have the heart to wage total war against the south. They criticize Lincoln for not moving more quickly to free slaves. And when he did issue the emancipation proclamation in eighteen sixty two they criticized him for only Frings slaves in rebellious states. The radicals controlled congress near the end of the war, and they passed a reconstruction Bill that Lincoln vetoed as too harsh. He preferred to use his own executive powers to begin the process of bringing rebellious states back into the union. Unlike the radicals. He also preferred a quicker return to self-governing for the southern states, not wishing to drag the process out fed up with Lincoln and unhappy with the progress with war the radical split off from the main party and nominated their own candidate for the eighteen sixty four election Lincoln was forced to create a coalition party to run for reelection bringing together his supporters from across the political spectrum called the national union party, they nominated Tennessee democrat Andrew Johnson as Lincoln's running mate, the Democrats on the other hand nominated McClellan who better to challenge Lincoln than the popular. General Lincoln had fired two years earlier with the war going badly and a significant portion of his own party against him. Lincoln believed he would lose his reelection bid. He stated I'm going to be beaten and unless some great change takes place badly beaten. He later told his cabinet. It seems exceedingly probable that this administration. Will not be reelected, but Lincoln's presidency was saved by important. Battlefield victories in the fall. Just before the election his coalition party ended up winning easily over McClellan and Lincoln began his second term in March of eighteen sixty five but he never got the chance to put his vision in place for rebuilding the country a month later, the war was over and Lincoln was dead. His choice to pick Andrew Johnson as his running mate, which turn out to have long lasting consequences for the nation. The politics of the moment would test both sides and set the nation on a course FRA new century. Vice president Johnson was a southern democrat. He faced a congress controlled by radical Republicans what he also faced the monumental task of reuniting country. Devastated by war..

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