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Is enormously jealous. You have to understand he tried radio try out in Philadelphia, and he failed miserably. He came off the dummy that he is he couldn't even speak for thirty seconds. He doesn't want to engage. When ideas he talks like this talks like a guy in the corner Manhattan, wearing a raincoat make it underneath say. Hey, little girl. Come over here doesn't he sound like that? Yes. He does. He sounds just like that. He really does. Go ahead. Get an untalented. He has no talent whatsoever. None, but he ranting. He's like a January. He's like a guy who gets the microwave. Oh. His thoughts straight all hyped up. It's very excited finally as a microphone a radio microphone. He's all excited. He's a agenda. I don't make these constructor. He's peso it up. You know, he's had like Dunkin donuts. He's at hey. Go ahead. Brayson 'immigration. He's like a Long Island, you know, working class buffoon. There you go Long Island. A Long Island working class buffoon. So janitors Long Island working class? What does this pig Everett? Then what did this has this pig ever done? That is productive that contributes to society, he's a drama Queen. He's a drama Queen in his career, and he's a drama Queen when he walks the streets is a drama Queen. That's all he is. He's a putz. Go ahead. Everything is just hate hate hate what you just said about Sean Hannity, he will go after you wanted to make you don't. Sean hannity. Sean Hannity who lacks self awareness to see how they hate, Sean. Because he's so successful because he supports the president. Because he's a fixture on FOX the fixture on conservative talk. This is how they really think. And it's not even Sean they hate you. This is really aimed at you. When they go after Trump, it's going after you wanna go after Hannity, it's going after you. He janitors out there you Long Island working class out. There this pig who's done nothing in his whole life for anybody. This pig whose abused his own kid on on a on a taped telephone call. Remember that? As pig who gets into face of a woman on the streets of New York, threatening her threatening her it's all on video. This pig who sits on an airplane. When everybody else has the shadow off their cell phones. He's they're playing games with his friends on the cellphone and then abuses the flight attendants because they tell can you please Mr. Pistole Baldwin police talking to me who. You must be a janitor. Go ahead. Any level? He's got zero sufferers. Have you had any discussion with him? Have. You know? Why would I waste my time? Yeah. Why would he wastes his time doing that when he can stare in the mirror talk to himself, and that's a big mirror, folks. I mean wide. Go ahead. Eleven Mark Levin is it Levin on sorry. Yeah. Yeah. Of course. Yeah. He's very smart. What was it? There was also a guy the savage. But again, there's some people in that world like Tucker Carlson, he is now here's what he's going to do. It's going to put down Tucker Carlson. And then build them back up and use had been comparison to Sean or somebody else because this is what a negative IQ leftist does. Piece soak listen to me so worked up again. And then this at eleven Levin, he knows my name. He's obsessed with me. He's a stalker. The stalker. A loser. Yeah. No, no. He knows all about me. But doesn't know my name think about that. Right. Alec. Who names their kid? Alec. Would you name your kid? Alec rich. Mr. Callscreener rate, would you name your kid? Alec. Alejandro. That's my bet. Alec. That's kind of transitioning name, isn't it? Transitioning from a normal person into a a complete buffoon. Go ahead. Me, but he's got some broadcasting -bility. Yes. Put some coaching polish Slavic words together. Right Levin is an idiot. And these guys know talent no is in India. You're a coward. I remember when Sean and I were on the radio dealing with year. Ran like a punk. You're used to confronting women in the street are all men in the street Europe punk thinks he's missed a tough guy. They're abusing. Go ahead. Bits troubles horrible your door horrible broadcast Levin as a black belt idiots. God do they hate me. It's hilarious. Funny. How he got my name right there. Mr. producer Alec. L lick. Al lick is it Al lick is the emphasis on like what is the word? Alec bald win. Alec bald win Levin. Let his eleven is Lenin lemon. He's an idiot. Black belt idiot black Bella, you must be a janitor. Maybe it's a janitor. Maybe he is a a working class Long Island. I. They may not like me. I must a cool, you know, Mr. cool with my my forty eight wasted. My my thirty six breasts me Alec Alec. I'm transitioning. I don't even know it like listen to my voice. It's even changing my voice, my breasts my waist everything. How did this happen? Go ahead beans, he says, it's not interesting. But you know, they're going to come at you hard. Does that not play on you like it? No, no, I don't. I don't care. Really don't because there's people who they talk to am I ever going to win those people over he's talking about you folks, do even think about this clown. Does anybody even think about this clan? When anybody go to a movie that he's in when anybody watching TV show that he's doing no. Why would we? It's more fun to watch..

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