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Should never record a podcast at three the clock in the morning you can do that. You can do any witness. That shift wants to call then Republicans have the right to say you know what the credibility ability believability of this witnesses at issue. Let's call a bunch of witnesses. Have an opinion on whether or not you should believe him. It could go on. It could go on past the election election if they WANNA play that game. What about the two issues? We're talking about with Pam Bondi and I gotta say Dershowitz this Guy Gowdy and and Pam Bondi. They've all three while being ridiculous and absurd. They all three of suggested five. Call witnesses witnesses and we will to sounds like we might have a shot at seeing witnesses in this trial. I wonder if they say no witnesses. If they have to give a reason as to why it's not relevant in how in the hell can you say that John Bolton and left parties are not relevant witnesses and if they're not relevant how is Hunter Biden relevant. I'm almost done with this. I promise I can't keep going and professor virtue. It's that being. Of course I executive privilege in this whole issue. The constitution is clear. This is your wheelhouse. You're a former prosecutor. And he's a former prosecutor. Taylor goodness sitution gives the sole power to impeach the house. They've impeached him. Now make your case. Why would Senate Republicans want to try and do the houses job when they have failed pretty spectacular? My opinion they should and I hope my friends on the Republican side. We'll ask Adam Schiff. Why should we call witnesses? That you didn't think were important enough to call yourself. If my palm peyot is an indispensable witness. Why did you not call him? Not Go to court not short out privilege. Whoa what was my list? I would bet you a million million dollars. Mike Pompeo was on that list. Mike Pompeo was subpoenaed September twenty seventh for documents related to Ukraine. Gene pompeo failed to comply with the October fourth deadline to produce the documents. I'm blue. How can this guy say that? He wasn't called as a witness. See we go from things. Being spun in a unique way to partial truths to Absolute flat out lies. That's disturbing guys. This guy is so arrogant. Gowdy is so arrogant if the Democrats dot com on Pale with such a big deal whether they called they did call him he refused to comply. And then if you notice he says they refuse to bring it to court will what. He's what he's saying. There is after pump after he was subpoenaed and in Palm. Pale refused to comply with the Subpoena House. Democrats were going to have to drag this through the the court process and go through an entire trial just to enforce POMPEII. Oh to show up to the impeachment hearing that is a waste of time when the Senate can force him to come immediately may not be immediate. It'll be a hell of a lot faster than the Democrats could have got it done. This is discussed. This is bullshit. How can freedom of the press has been taken too far? This is this is just this is this is the audio version of the national enquirer. Just whatever the hell they I wanNA say to get people on their side he can say. Why didn't they call? Mike Pompeo even though they did with the subpoena that he ignored. How is is this possibly fair and balanced Hannity gouty? You are disgraceful liars. Why why are you doing this to people on the issue of privilege on every privileged that exist keeps you from accessing information priest? Penitent doctor patient attorney. Client every privilege keeps you from accessing information but we valued the relationship more than we do the information. It is why we have privileges if Adam Schiff wanted mulvaney Giuliani and POMPEO and boughten. He had months and months to go to court art and get a ruling that they had to talk. He didn't want that. He wants Corey and Martha and Joni Arts. And Thom Tillis to vote on these witnesses. He knows he's not going to get a conviction. Fiction wants to take the Senate so the second. Donald Trump term beginning in twenty. Twenty one is neutered because Chuck Schumer's the majority leader. And if that doesn't scare the hell out ah via nothing can scare your song and that is the point of all of this. He wants you to be afraid. He's he's directly telling the viewer if that doesn't scare you nothing. Nothing will just like Christianity they give you the fear in sell you the antidote by our bullshit to no longer be afraid of the bullshit. We told you thirty seconds ago. God that's depressing. POLIT- effect has a file.

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