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Update the US Supreme Court is given a big victory to the families of the twenty children and six educators killed in the sandy hook school massacre in twenty twelve CBS is the door she reports the Supreme Court ruled sandy hook parents can sue Remington arms the maker of the Bushmaster A. R. fifteen style rifle gunman Adam Lanza used to kill twenty first graders and six educators it'll be closely watched by gun control advocates who could use it as a road map and lawsuits stemming from other mass shooting Chris Brown is president of the Brady center name for White House press secretary James Brady who was gravely wounded in the assassination attempt on president Reagan this is a huge victory for the sandy hook families who have been through so much with people even if something like Alex Jones to deny the reality of the loss of their own children's lives CBS news update on Pam Coulter case CBS news time is twelve thirty two time now for our daily tech and business report and today we are joined by Bloomberg anchor Taylor rigs Taylor didn't take long for Disney's highly touted video streaming service which launched today to hit a snag what happened yeah Margie you are right I mean so on the good the good news of all of this is there is so much anticipation and so much demand from what has been an incredible marketing machine from Disney that all the users tried to go to Disney plus for their first day of that streaming service this site has had some technical glitches customers have reported not being able to log Gaynor that the streaming service hasn't been able to launch and so from the technical standpoint I think from a consumer perspective it is been a little frustrating I think the good news about all this is Disney's come out and said that it is just due to incredible response in excitement that everyone is trying to log on at the same time I think the overall consensus says if this happens for a couple hours you know it's okay this stuff happens as we remember game of thrones on their season premiere Netflix crashing when they were at your you know HBO cross when they were all trying to log in and so for now it's okay but if it doesn't get cleared up within a few days that's indicative of a little bit of a bigger problem about the back end in the technology of this but overall I think analysts are going to try to view this as a positive and really talk about how much demand there really it is for this new streaming service are you surprised a company's because Disney couldn't be prepare for that traffic yeah you know that's a very interesting question because on the back and they have purchased a company called bay I'm tack to really help out with the streaming service and the technology but you know there are reports that even the big players like YouTube Amazon they have had some problems as well Netflix's had some problems HBO has and so I think it's understandable when everyone is trying to log and it's really hard to prevent that kind of demand but again longer term that has to be solved or this could be a a real real issue other services and have the numbers of shows that Netflix does but it is cheaper do you think most people choose between the two or do you think Ross will subscribe to both well this is they get that sixty thousand dollar question right so most analysts that I've talked to clearly we know Netflix has been the leader and Disney plus hands down number two given their investments in original content and all of their old movies and all of these classics that they have in their library that they really can use to compete apple TV going to be a distant third they've a lot of money but they don't have that content yet as they ramp up this is the question right if you want to save money and you don't want.

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