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For governor to change that tank He has on the road today heading to English High school and JP this afternoon, and the governor Charlie Baker has yet to say if he'll seek a third term as governor. Democratic race is already have a few entrance. Harvard Professor Daniel Allen and former state Senator Ben Downing are already in President Joe Biden is set to unveil a plan he believes will curb gun violence in the country. It comes as law enforcement officials are concerned there'll be an uptick in gun violence across the US this summer communities to be able to use millions from that covid relief plan that he passed back in March. To hire more police officers invest in programs aimed at preventing gun violence like summer jobs for young people around the country. There's also now a Justice Department plan to tackle and to really crack down on gun trafficking in five large cities. This is where police say so many of the guns used in crimes there are coming from outside the area that is ABC. Cecilia Vega straight ahead on WBZ. The Supreme Court siding with a high school cheerleader in a Case of free speech, 403 traffic and weather together they Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic to all the threes where we're going, Mike, we'll start south of the city here. Bend the expressway. Southbound is just awful this afternoon here from the tunnel Most of the way to route 24. That seems to be typical. Now, they say traffic is back to pre pandemic levels. I say it's worse than Northwest Expressway Bad Braintree, a passing Neponset circle, then up towards the tunnel to three South stop and go way down past Union Street and northbound stuff, for some reason, coming up past Derby Street and then up towards the split 21 28 south, Bad Highland have all the way through Westwood. 1 28 more pounds locked up through need him. And that was from an earlier crash by Highland Ave. Farther up on 1 28. Let's check in with the W WBZ news radio traffic copter. Good afternoon, Mike, and it is slow back her wall family putting North on started back around route 20. You're going to be on the brakes, a good deal of the way up to 4 to 25, then more hang ups. They're waiting for you up at three A in Burlington, and those go all the way up in the Lindfield. So that's not fun. Southbound has delays starting back up before Route 62 in the Beverly Danvers stretch. Heading down for 1 14 of the balls. Kristallnacht and the WBZ NewsRadio traffic copter. Had delays on Route one North Sergeant Street in Revere most of the way of past 1 28 in Peabody. That's worse than usual. Sure, 93 is heavy and slow from the second bridge up there. Stone him about 15 minutes to get through that downtown. The lower decks back there. Hood parks drives. Definitely back to mass Have the Ted Williams Tunnel westbound jam. So is that eastbound connected tunnel? The Tobin Bridge is okay for now. And the Pike West Delays out past Newton Corner. Not terrible After that, my king WBC's traffic on the three we've got clear skies coming up for tonight's going to be a cool night. Nice for sleeping like last night, but 50 Inland.

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