Richard Sherman On Shutting Down Mahomes


Last night the guys who are assembled to discuss the various topics that they were asked about regarding the Superbowl they they included forty Niners cornerback Richard Sherman who is going to have probably one of the biggest test of his career biggest test of the season trying to cover the chiefs receivers trying to anticipate what Pat Mahoney can do with a football and a part of the discussion included Sherman being told them homes won't shy away from your side of the field are you ready I would be quite was our main thing I got some of the most dynamic playmakers in as we got a ton of us speak of the tunnel on telling you can get the ball where everyone see when he wants it on the more out of pocket you know we got it we gotta find a way to to get that soul you know they have a great offense in and obviously a ton of playmakers that's what it does what here to forty minutes or so the challenge is very simple for the forty Niners defense they need to get pressure on Patrick homes to force him to get rid of the football before those guys get open because those guys eventually will crack that Seattle defense that cover three zone one of those guys will get open Tyree killed to Marcus Robinson Michael Hartmann Travis Kelsey Sami watched in somebody's getting open if you give Patrick homes enough time and if he can buy enough time that's the thing he can buy time we played yesterday on NBCSN that Fran Tarkenton play from Patrick homes week three of twenty eighteen season the nine second play that started the four yard line where he goes to laugh to completely reverse course runs across the field full speed throws it on the fly and gets touchdown made scored twenty one to seven big difference though Nick Bosa was at Ohio state at the time the Ford was playing for the chiefs at the time this time around patron homes has to try to deal with them and we talk all the time about inside information that someone may have the fords got a full season actually to of seeing Patrick homes in practice and I remember one Padma homes as a rookie Travis Kelsey was on the program and he was raving about the things that my homes was doing in practice I mean do you four has studied this guy if anybody has any ideas on what to do to stop Pat homes within the forty Niners organizations gonna be D. for now his input maybe I don't know what the hell we do I've seen this guy have you not seen him he's unstoppable that's gonna be the big challenge the forty Niners defense and Sims are talking yesterday about maybe the wisdom of dropping everybody deep and forcing the chiefs to go slowly and methodically and frustrate any effort to get that big fifty yard bomb the becomes a backbreaker force them to be patient patois homes going into the season I was aware that that was one of the changes he was gonna have to be ready for defenses making him be more patient and methodical with the ball taking away that big chunk play that big spectacular touchdown that fuels a game that turned the game around even though it only counts for seven points on the scoreboard it's kind of thing that psychologically can destroy an opponent just like that twenty seven yard touchdown run through the sideline and cut back in an inside the five and guys were flailing in a play like that can end the game as a practical matter there was discussion last night from some forty Niners defensive players about what to do if in one patch my homes it runs the football force Buckner Fred Warner drink green law they all address the situation Drake Greenlaw said that in discussing the twenty seven yard touchdown run exactly what that what I said last week the the the point that still has chiefs fans on reasonably air rationally and grossly incorrectly up in arms the twenty seven yard touchdown run Greenlaw said fear of a penalty for a late hit may have contributed to the flailing and the failure of the Titans to try to tackle patch my homes Greenlaw said he's gonna hit my homes if he's in the green without worrying about judgment calls and that you know and I said yes them done talking about building a and talk about a little bit more that was the point you can't fear the gray area with the Super Bowl on the line you have to embrace the gray area once you commit to making that tackle if the guy decides he's going to start to slide and maybe you hit him at the beginning of the slide because it's too late for you to do you commit you can't not approach the got to make the tackle for fear that he's going to end up taking you to the gray area see the quarterback has figured out how to exploit the gray area how to get guys to lower their guard how to get guys to pull up how to get guys to think the plays over and then off they go they keep going Greenlaw is gonna go and try to bring him down

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