Willem Dafoe on 'The Lighthouse,' working with Robert Pattinson


A great movie for you to see right now. Called the lighthouse starring Willem Dafoe. Who just accidentally happens wants to be here? Happened congratulations thing. You know. Because it's so dramatic with you and Robert Pattinson acting this lighthouse lighthouse. Could you stand each other. After you finished shooting it. Oh sure it was a pleasure to look at him. It's a pleasure you played so many mean bester stick to I have a now. I have this all right. Peters what we've also played really Nice People Jesus Christ thank you so I get that but these guys go a little crazy yup for the weeks there on this like he would do I would yeah. It's eight thousand ninety s lighthouse off the coast of Maine Two guys they're supposed to be there for for four weeks once an older guy. He's an old hand has been working at the lighthouse for a little while. That's you that's me. I'm the older one of the a two not an old guy. Oh older one. Yes and then. There's the younger one which is rob Pattinson. And he's new. It's kind of mysterious. Who exactly acne is? But I kinda put him through his paces and try to break him into this kind of work kind of rake imperial. Well hang on. Aw I all just trying to run the lighthouse. And then we don't get picked up. The weather goes very bad. And we're supposed to be relieved after four weeks and we don't and then not to give away the whole story but then the food goes bad and we have nothing but liquor left we start to drink back and to people that weren't great friends at the beginning Don't become better friends with and things don't Kossovo. Sometimes when there's there's no looker kerosene will come in as well. You know but it's such an isolating thing that we're watching you get cost or phobic when you're watching and we feel the same way I was longing for kerosene when I came out You know it's a psychological thriller beautifully made by the Director who made made the witch anger Robert eggers a real talent shot by germ ski. The deal P

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