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First one you love broke your heart Like strong. I was sound asleep. You did it all but my heart's in my hand. I want to give it to you. But your heart's lock stone and I can't reach you hard and let me come in. Jenny Jin Jin. You know the big bad wolf. You don't need me now, Then I'll speak a would ever be asleep. Osama Melinda Pumping like the others do a big bad wolf. Well, then I'm becoming much any tension. You know. I love you and all your heart and let me come in my Jin Jin Jin, you know What a cool jam. I'm not the big bad wolf. I'm just little boy Blue. I probably won't do that again. But, yeah, I'm getting loopy, and it's late. At night, and I am at home pre recording this show for y'all. So you can't call in and talk to a live person at the party right now, But you can leave messages on the back to the country Facebook page and we will respond to you and thank you for listening for sure. Before Minnesota. Marv's doing.

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