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Saint Louis news, traffic, and weather. Depend on it. Professor van had there been any ghost sightings the last couple of nights when I've been gone. Just had a ghost feeling here in the studio. Heard some rustling papers in the studio as Jim white was still around. And then I felt a little chill down my spine. The ghost camel accidents. It's real it's here. Or the air. You're saying you think it's the air sopping scientific with it. I don't think that was the bustling of papers never heard that that way before keep an eye out. There might be a ghost roaming around here ghostbuster style number to call for Ghostbusters. There was a number that they had on their screen and the commercials that they ran on that movie. I wonder what that was that'd be the ultimate trivia question. I found this story on the blaze. I don't know how you can be an atheist minister does not make sense an atheist minister and a Christian denomination got to keep her job leading a congregation after several years of turmoil. That could have led to a here ac- trial later in the month. Her name is the Reverend Greta Vosper, she's free to minister at the west hill. United church in Toronto. After a confidential settlement with the denomination. I don't understand that. What I don't get. Oh is that the number for Ghostbusters? Can you call that? And see if that number's anything. Producer Ben yet. Call it on the phone over there. Let me know an eight hundred number. It's gotta be like a Hollywood type of deal. Here's if you're in a church right now in your leaders in eighth east. You know, what leave that church? I'm telling you right now. Well, okay. You could I guess go talk to them about your concerns. I, but I got to imagine. You're not gonna have a productive meeting. You could address your concerns, and you're going to a place in your faith is being guided by a person who doesn't believe in a God. Then get out of there. Now. I'm telling you for your own good for your own soul. I don't exactly know why they it sounds like the church was trying to kick her out as in. She's got some tenured role. Why wouldn't a church be able to kick out a leader that they vote on and say sorry, you know, we're going in a different direction. There's church splits. There's churches that have done the vote and decide they need a new pastor. That happens all the time. Says we'll be out from underneath the heavy cloud. Now will be able to really fly. She's sixty years old ordained in ninety three and served as west hills ministers since ninety seven has been up front about her atheism. In non belief in the bible for years. How are you? Then you're not running a church. You're running a club of people pretending go to church. It's not a church at that point. I mean, that's the way the leadership is structured for you. It says in her sermons each Sunday Vosper spoke openly about how she did not believe the bible was the authoritative word of God for all time conviction. She's held long before being ordained in one that is not uncommon among United church of Canada. Clergy. Yeah. This is in Canada. And it is so weird when it comes to their religious freedoms not really a thing like it is here in the United States. It's it's for freedom of speech. Not really a thing. I mean, when you put panels together that could find you or jail, you're for the things you say, you really don't have freedom of speech. Vosper used words one Sunday morning two thousand and one when she can no longer tolerate a contradiction. She believed was there. Just because our interpretation of the prayers. There's been a forklift. She realized didn't mean the people in the pews knew that in. So in her sermon that Dave Vosper came out to her congregation. She made it clear that she did not believe in God, a supernatural being who intervenes in human affairs. So she's basically created our own like our own religion. That's what happens if you want to go off and spew your own whatever, then you're creating your own religion. I think that if you're a denomination. And you see this is going on. Then you pull your name from that. Like, we don't want to be associated with that. So this is where it splits happen. She's got to come off in just split off in creator owned church. If that's what she believes in see if people follow. But instead she's trying to hijack whatever this denomination as in sit there and try to justify her own beliefs as oppose to holding the beliefs of whatever that denomination is not really out works. You know, unfortunately, the people that are sitting in those pews if they're not wise enough or are not able to be self aware of how damaging destructive that can be. I mean, they're purposely being led by someone that doesn't believe in God. And if they want to sit in do that, hey, you know, that's their freedom to do that sort of thing. But they gotta know they got to know that if they have a problem with that got to go somewhere else for their own families wellbeing. Go somewhere else. I think that's ultimately what should happen. It's so weird. Isn't it? I guess you can call yourself anything if you really want. You know, I saw this other story to sour patch cereal. I don't know if I want this or not says reese's puffs were seriously head of its time because everyone loves racy. So they made the puffed cereal. Apparently, there's going to be sour patch kids serial that comes out, and it's supposed to taste like sour patch kids in it's even made by post, which is one of the biggest when it comes to cereal. Brands is says the snack Centric Instagram. Account. Candy Honey, posted a blurry photo of sour patch. Kids cereal box off authenticity. One hundred percent. They said I it doesn't look like a fan mockup. So people were thinking this was just a hoax, but not really there's no word yet on whether sour patch kids. The cereal is tart like the sour patch. Kids candy, or if the kids sheep pieces are fruit flavored sour coating to a sweet finish. Apparently. It's going to be available Wednesday, December twenty six and then it's going to be rolled out in places like WalMart nationwide early two thousand nineteen so we're just a couple of months away from sour patch kids cereal. You know, you wanna try it? Right. I would give it a try. If it was like a fun sized. I wouldn't want to buy a full box and be disappointed. There's been a lot of cereals, I've been disappointed basically by the exact same cereals over and over and over again, I like life. I like Chris Beck's, and I like crackling brand I.

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